Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random (Twilight Saga) Thoughts

When I went to meet some LA/TX blogger peeps in June, I decided the best way to kill three hours in the car would be to listen to Twilight on audiobook. Since then, I've continued to listen when I'm in the car and am now on Breaking Dawn.

Couple of thoughts:

---> If Bella had decided to ditch Edward, or Edward had died *gasp*, or something else had happened to ensure Bella and Edward didn't get together, would Jacob have imprinted on Bella? Since Bella/Edward wouldn't be together there would be no Renesmee. Would whatever "magic" that affects the wolves' imprinting have known that fate had changed and act accordingly?

---> I've said this before but can't help thinking it again: Every time I get to the tent scene, when Jacob comes back and kisses Bella "for realz", I think about Renesmee growing up, and Jacob telling her "You kiss better than your mom." *ewwwww!*

--->There was a very funny parody on livejournal that two girls did about a year ago and I can't remember where it was. They did parodies of Edward keeping a chart of Bella's breaths at night, Edward requiring starch in the laundry and having a "swear jar", Emmett taking Renesmee to Best Buy and playing video games, but I can't remember much else. Did anyone else ever see this?


  1. ha so funny I thought of that once it would have to move on to bella and the whole idea of him loving bella first is just so weird to me, I love jacob though ;)

  2. Ohh i wish you remembered where you saw this video it sounds really funny! Edward is a bit stalky I can easily see him at night charting her breathing lol

    The more I read this read the less I liked it weird huh? I mean the first time I thought they were the best book ever...ok maybe I didn't have much for comparison at that time lol. I still like them but I don't want to look too closely. =P

    I don't mind the Jacob/Renesmee thing but LMAO @ the 'you kiss better than your mom' lol It just felt like she was trying to give everyone a HEA and we had to buy anything lol

    One of the things that made me laugh a lot is this :

  3. Nah, Jacob would just never have inprinted, or perhaps on some other baby born

  4. I do like 'Twilight' - it's certainly no great American masterpiece, but Meyer is a damn fine storyteller. BUT I think she dropped the ball BIG TIME in 'Breaking Dawn'.

    She seemed hell-bent on a squeaky-clean happy ending. Nobody dies (despite there being a Volturi smack-down in the works). Jacob gets what he wants (though in a very 'creepy uncle' kind of way), there's a baby! and a sex scene in the ocean! It reads like a twihard girl's fanficiton, IMO.

    I think the mobvie producers of Twilight will be cursing Ms. Meyer when it comes time to film Bella's labor... they might have to borrow from the 'Aliens' movies a wee bit.

  5. You have some of the same questions that I have. That whole "I kissed your mom" moment would be interesting to see.

    I'd also like to see Edward's reaction as Jacob and Renesmee (worst name ever) go on a date.

  6. Jessilyn: I love Jacob too :)

    pattepoilue: It was so funny - Edward was so uptight and Emmett would do stuff just to make him crazy!

    Blodeuedd: See, I couldn't decide which way it would go :)

    Danielle: Haha - see, I can point to this book and say "Kids, this is why you must wait until you're married to have sex!!"

    Eyre: Agree - worst name ever!

  7. "You kiss better than your mom." LOL Ew!