Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be A Smutty Researcher!!!

Leontine over at Leontine's Book Realm is spreadin' the Smut over the next two weeks (hey - is that a fortnight?) - l@@k what she's got going on:

Leontine's Book Realm


July 19th: Column - A gal and her smut + the grand 'Research the Smut' Giveaway: a 30 dollar Gift Certificate to any e-book store I can buy a GC

July 20th: Guestblog - Smutty approved book characters by KC from Smokinhotbooks Giveaway: Copy of The Darkest Lie send to you by the author (For US only)

July 21st: My first time story & an excerpt + Giveaway: a novel from Joey W Hill's backlist send to you by the author.

July 27th: Guestreview - Lorelei James, Raising Kane by Janna from Erotromreader + Giveaway: E-copy giveaway of a Rough Rider novel by choice.

July 28th: Guestblog - A guide into the smut by @Ferishia + Giveaway: A copy of Demon’s Fire send to you by the author.

July 30th: Interview with R.G Alexander about her upcoming release, Possess Me + Giveaway: $ 10,- Gift Certificate to Amazon given by the author.

The rules for each giveaway:

 You can assume each giveaway is international unless states otherwise. Author’s have been extremely generous but even their generosity has limits sometimes!

 Every [meaningful] comment you make on a blogpost with a giveaway attached will be an entry to that particular giveaway. So if you make 3 comments, you will be entered 3 times.

 I will announce all winners to each giveaway on August 4th, you are personally responsible for contacting me with your snail mail or e-mail information.

Oh, Leontine - you know I am so there! Who can resist the smut?!?


  1. Thanks for spreading the smut love Patti!!!

  2. Heheheheh!!!! Smutty... Party.... And Research... Oh I love this!!!!!! I am like Patti.. You know where I will be!