Monday, February 22, 2010

Review: See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson

This book falls into my Contemporary Reading Challenge.

I've had this book in my TBR for quite some time. I bought it after I'd read a couple of Ms. Gibson's books and loved them. Then I didn't read it because the hero is a hockey player. I know nothing about hockey except that they use a puck instead of a ball. I didn't even realize they had American hockey teams - I thought it was a Canadian sport. But, I was in the mood for something different so I picked it up off the pile, dusted it off, and started reading...I loved it!

Jane Alcott is a reporter who's just gotten a big break - they've asked her to fill in and cover the Seattle Chinooks hockey team while the regular sports reporter is sick. That means she'll cover all the games - even the away games. She knows nothing about hockey, but that's okay, they're hoping having her cover the games will draw in female spectators. Thing is, the team's not so hyped to have her and they try to block her at every turn. She ends up talking to Luc Martineau, the goalie, a couple of times, and of course it's instant dislike (or is it?).

Luc has been given a second chance. He was a star player who got hurt, ended up addicted to painkillers, went to rehab, and is now trying to get back into that top spot. So far, it's working. He's concentrating on his career and nothing will get in the way.

I really enjoyed this story. Jane's secondary story as Honey Pie, the fictional character she writes for a Maxim-type magazine was kind of eh, but I do get that it was a plot point. The interactions between Jane and Luc were super sexy. I loved the scene after Jane had told Luc off and then had to go back and repeat her exact words before every game for good luck. Luc's affection for his sister was touching, and Jane taking her under her wing was sweet.

It's been three days since I finished this story and I'm still thinking about it. I actually went out to find other hockey-themed contemporary romances to read because I liked this one so much! I give See Jane Score 4 out of 5 stars.

I will say this book made me curious, so I asked for some hockey names on Twitter and Kelly (MidnightGlance) was kind enough to supply me with a name or two and from there I googled some more hockey players. I don't know if these guys are good at hockey or not,!


  1. And there are more stories from Rachel Gibson about other players from the Chinooks! Have you read any of those yet?

  2. You are the bestest... a review and some hotties!!! Great review by the way! Hope you had a good weekend!

  3. Chris - Monroe told me Ms. Gibson had done another hockey story: True Love and Other Disasters, maybe? I also read two of Deirdre Martin's hockey stories (one to be reviewed soon). I'm surprised at how much I liked the hockey theme!

    Cecile - you're so sweet - of course I had to "take one for the team" and google shirtless hockey guys until the wee hours! :)

  4. Well GOOD MORNING. Coffee? Who needs coffee. I'm plenty awake now!

    Perfect way to start a Monday.

  5. Since I can't remember for sure, I checked online:

    Chinooks Hockey Team
    1. Simply Irresistible (1998)
    2. See Jane Score (2003)
    3. The Trouble With Valentine's Day (2005)
    4. True Love and Other Disasters (2009)
    5. Nothing But Trouble (2010)

  6. Hannah - Brenda saw me working on this last night - she likey!!

    Chris - okay, I have TLaOD and also the Valentine's Day book. Will have to pick up the others...and maybe catch an Olympic game to see what the fuss is about!

  7. I really enjoyed See Jane Score alot but I landed an ARC of "Nothing But Trouble" and it was just FABULOUS. I read it in one day. You will love it!

    What I like about Gibson, is that she pens heroes that are not perfect and don't say or do all the usual expected things, they are believably & lovably flawed.

  8. Patti, Simply Irresistible has been in my collection for years and it's one that I love coming back to you! As the beginning of Gibson's Chinook series it's also fun going back and reading about how it all started - I'd highly recommend it to you since you like this one!

  9. Sounds like a cute story, good review! And those pictures...WoW! Thank u for making my Monday morning so much nicer. ; )

  10. Scorpio - I can't wait to read it - these hockey books have been a pleasant surprise!

    Dana - I couldn't find Simply Irresistable at my bookstore this weekend so I have to order it. Thanks for the rec!

    Mar - Really, really cute story - I'm sorry I put off reading it for so long!

  11. I am a HUGE hockey fan! I actually posted some pictures of me at a game about a month ago ^^
    I guess I'm gonna add this book to my wishlist even thought I don't know how I feel about reading fiction on my favorite sport lol I'll give it a try.

    There's the offical Montreal Canadiens Blood Salve on this friday and I'll go over give blood and meet the players I'm totally ecstastic!

    My favorite hottie: Thomas Plekanec
    I mean, how sexy is the guy? YUM!
    And he's the best player of the team ^.-

  12. I really liked See Jane Score reminded me of Susan Elizabeth Phillips (who I heart so much).

    Thanks for the eye candy I need something uplifting to start my day :)

  13. You didn't even know you had hockey, the country with the best league in the world..must be cos you're from the south. or cos it is pretty boring ;)

    Not much of a hockey fan, but half the country wished they could have stayed home today and watch hokey at 7 am

  14. Tynga - I immediately thought about contacting you to get the names of some hockey hotties LOL!

    Smokinhotbooks - Glad you liked it!

    Blodeuedd - Really? We have the best hockey league in the world? Huh. I think it is b/c I'm from the South that I'm oblivious. Is it boring? It seems like there's lots of fights and stuff...

  15. I think it's the most excitting sport, and I don't know how you guys love Baseball so much cause it makes me feel like sleeping lol

    I understand hockey isn't big in the south since you don't even have snow and everything.

    But yes NHL is the best league, though the KHL in Europe is quite good to.

    Honestly I just don't understand how out of 30 teams there's only 6 of them in Canada. I want more teams up here in the north lol

  16. Tynga - I'll tell you a secret...I think baseball is boring, too!

    NHL is the best? I would have thought Canada. I wonder why? I think hockey would be fun to watch live. I love to watch people ice-skate, it's so graceful; I don't see how they do it!

  17. Well darn it I need to read this author! Love the review (and pics..yes ma'am)

  18. Patti - NHL is both Canada and US.
    There all 30 teams on the league, 6 are Canadians and 24 are in the US.

  19. This looks like a fun read! I'll have to check out this series. I've had Chasing Stanley by Deidre Martin on my shelf forever. I'll have to read it one of these days..

  20. Mandi - yes, give her a try! I love her non-hockey stuff too.

    Tynga - *hits forehead* d'oh!

    Buckeye Girl - it was a super fun read. Chasing Stanley is actually one of the books in this series that I don't have yet...

  21. Ooooo la la! That's some HAWT eye candy! Thanks Patti!!!

    And I loved SEE JANE SCORE. Its one of my favorites by Rachel Gibson. It comes in second to TRULY MADLY YOURS.

    Hugs, VFG

  22. LOL VFG - I had no idea this book was that popular....