Thursday, February 18, 2010

Formerly known as BFF

I’ve posted links to my SIL Hannah’s blog before. She’s my BFF and an all-around awesome person. Well, WAS my BFF – want to know what she did? Really, it’s what she’s GOING to do:

That bitch is going to Forks!!

Here’s the back story:

I’ve told the story of how I got back into reading again mid-2008, starting with Twilight and devouring the whole series. Well, shortly after that, Hurricane Ike rolled through Houston, and even though my brother and his wife didn’t have a lot of damage, they had no power for over a week and the city was a danger zone – no electric or food in the grocery stores, gas shortages, and with firsthand images of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath still fresh in everyone’s mind, my brother sent her to stay with us for awhile until things were back to at least liveable in Houston. She was missing her husband and, honestly, when you’re married with no kids and dropped into a household with three kids and two working parents it can get to be a bit much. So I lent her my copy of Twilight. I can still see her sitting there after work in my uncomfortable chair, reading and ignoring the chaos around her, occasionally stepping outside to smoke, bringing the book with her. She also tore through the series, and after that I introduced her to the sexiness of TrueBlood and the Black Dagger Brotherhood. She's not one to read romance, but in the case of these three series we do lust over share a fondness for these delicious men.

But I digress… point is we have a special bond over Twilight. She came to New Orleans to watch Twilight and New Moon in the theatre. I sent her the Twilight audiobook and she sent me the rest. We mail each other Twilight candy. I’ve got an Edward Cullen doll, she has a Twilight lunchbox she actually brings her lunch to work in. (OMG, I think we’re nerds!)

And when she goes to visit her mom in April, she’s going to stop by and visit Forks. Without me.

(*clears throat* give me just a moment here to compose myself *sniff*)

She’s going to Forks without me. She’s taking my brother, who doesn’t even know what Forks is. Waaaahhhhh!!!!

Well, *puts on big girl panties*, seriously – I hope she has a great time and I told her if she doesn’t take an obscene amount of pictures I’ll never forgive her. And I expect souveniers.

The real question is – are we going to make my brother wear a Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirt for the trip?

On a side note: Did you know if you type "Edward and Jacob" into google that "Edward and Jacob kissing" is one of your choices that pops up? Wow!


  1. Don't hate.
    Okay hate.
    But know that I will bring you back goodies. Lots and lots and lots of goodies!!


    Muv you stil.

  2. Eeeeeeeeevil!!!
    But yeah make her take a lot of pics ;) and make your brother wear a team Edward shirt

  3. Oh, the meanie! She better take lots of pictures for you. :)

  4. OH the meanie!!!!!!!!!! **crossing arms over chest** I can not believe she is NOT taking us with her!!!!

    You better take lots of photos and share!!!!!!! LMBO!! Or we will hunt you down.. Remember Patti knows where you live, lmbo!!!
    Seriously, I hope she has a wonderful time!!!!
    And yes, Hubby has to wear Team Edward Shirt (Unless you can find one with Jacob without his shirt on... then... sorry)

  5. Hannah - you know I lurves ya!

    Blodeuedd - Even you can see it all the way over there - she is evil!!! *scribbling on paper - one vote for Team Edward shirt*

    Chris - I'll have to call and remind her, they always forget to take pics!

    Cecile - Yes, we'll hunt her down together! Another vote for Team Edward shirt? Although you're right - shirtless Jacob would be awesome *rubs hands together and grins*

  6. LOL

    Well, at least since she is your BFF she is going to do the right thing and bring back goodies and pictures... ;)

  7. One of my design minions got to go to Forks just recently...guess whose copy of Twilight he borrowed.? I swear we turn em on and they turn us out!

    No love!

  8. Always new that girl was gonna be trouble!!!

    Tell ya what, Hon. She doesn't take you and we'll put a copy of the picture of her hanging in our front room out on the net!!!!


  10. Lea - she loves me; she'll bring back tons of pics!

    PJ - LOL, did he at least bring you a souvenir?

    Major Dad - excellent plan!

    Hannah - Muahahahaha!

  11. Lily Child - bummer indeed! The pic made me laugh!

    Danielle - "bitter, table for one" that would be me! ;)

    Book Junkie Bookshelf - Nah, it's all in good fun, she knows I love her!

  12. I'm jealous!!!!!

    Totally need a "team jacob" shirt ;)

  13. No I didn't get a souvenir. Cheap ass.

    BTW - I featured you for my Friday Follows. FYI. ♥ Parajunkee

  14. LOL! This is too funny :)

    I wanted you to know that I have the award I got from you up in a post and if I could I would give it back to you for your great blog :)

  15. ha ha aha i love the edward and jacob pics so funny !! I would so be pissed though I would so find a way to go ;)

  16. Mandi - I'll try to find a shirtless Team Jacob!

    No Souvenier - after you introduced him to the book? Cheap ass is right! ;) Thanks for the shout-out!

    Janna - Thanks!

    Jessilyn - I never would have thought pics like these existed but I should know better, LOL!