Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In and Out

Just popping in to say I'll be in and out over the next several days; got lots going on here in the NOLA this week; don't think I'll get much reading done:

The city is still riding the wave of Superbowl victory! Everywhere you turn, friends and strangers holler "Who Dat!" and everyone is still sportin' their black and gold. Tonight is the big victory parade - 9 Krewes loaned signature floats to the team for their parade. It's going to be awesome! Hubs is actually going to be able to attend this one (he's in law enforcement, so he always has to work for the parades), so we're definitely there!! I'm a bit worried as it looks like temps will be in the 30s, and of course the 3-year-old woke up with a cough this morning :(

The next several days look to be crazy: Saints parade tonight; Druids tomorrow night (haven't decided if we'll go); Thursday night is Babylon, Muses (my favorite parade!!), and Chaos; Friday night is Hermes, d'Etat (another favorite!), and Morpheus; Saturday afternoon is Iris and Tucks; Saturday night is Endymion (which I usually skip as the fans for this parade are obnoxious). Sunday will be an all-day affair - we get there early for a good spot, watch Okeanos, Mid-City, Thoth, and then wait for the big one: Bacchus (I met my husband at Bacchus, sort of). It's going to be crazy this year as Drew Brees is King Bacchus this year. Then Monday is Proteus and Orpheus (Harry Connick Jr.'s parade). Tuesday is Mardi Gras, and those parades start at 8:00. I usually stay home for Mardi Gras as I don't like getting up that early and the crowds are so thick it makes me nervous. So I use it as a day to take care of all the stuff I've ignored over the last week.

Sleep? We don't need no stinkin' sleep! Or, as my BFF Hannah likes to say "You'll get plenty of sleep when you're dead." Well said!


  1. Patti -- Flew back from Miami to N.O. yesterday afternoon and still can't string a few words together to form a coherent thought. Miami was an incredible experience! We'll be at the parade tonight for sure.

  2. Joanne - OMG I'll bet it was amazing! I hear there were WAY more Saints fans than Colts fans and they turned the party on!!

    Looking forward to seeing the team enjoy their victory with the city.

  3. Yikes! Talk about a non-stop party! Make sure you take some time to sleep. ;)

  4. OMG I am so worn out from this weekend just reading your post made me tired. I spent Saturday & Sunday on Bourbon, and then like a good employee marched my arse to work at 8am on Monday.

    My day care is closing early today! So I have to run over there and get my 2 yr old. I don't think we are doing the parade though...33 degrees and wind gusts at 25 mph! Ack! WTH?

    I think I might just be a dork and do Metairie parades this year. But then I might spontaneously turn white trashy though. This weather though!

    So picking up your hubby at Bacchus huh? I usually avoid the boys in blue ever since they made me pour out my brand new daiquiri when I was 16. Its like PTSD or something. I keep telling myself I should get over it, I'm an adult, I drive a mini van...

  5. Chris: by MG Day I'm so wiped it's not funny. But I do it every year!

    Parajunkee: I was good this weekend in preparation for what I knew is coming up. And yeah, it's going to be cold, but I think it will be fun if we wear enough layers! (I haven't been to a Metairie parade in years, maybe since I was a teenager.)

  6. Have fun!! You guys totally deserve to celebrate! : )

  7. Is that weird that I'm French and what i really want to visit in the US is New Orleans? lol
    Mardi Gras in New Orleans must be amazing!

    Btw I love the new layout!

    On a totally different matter, i see you have the widget for Sinful on your sidebar. Have you read Addicted? Is it good? I'm thinking about ordering it. =)

  8. Lol yes you can sleep when youre dead girl! LIVE IT UP! Looks fun!anedi

  9. Sounds like everyone had a great time!


  10. Yeah, who needs sleep when you can have a party like that? :)

  11. Christine - thanks!

    Pattepouille - you should come visit, it's a fun city. DEFINITELY read addicted!

    Lea - thanks!

    Monroe - It is fun - I love Mardi Gras!

    Hawk - Lots of fun :)

    Janna - No one here gets much sleep this time of year!