Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Three Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts

Since I've started reading romance, I've avoided reading Nora Roberts. After reading these books, I don't know why I waited so long!

In the 1690's, there were three sisters, witches, who left Salem to find a new life away from the Witch Trials. They created an island off the East Coast, where each sister faced a personal demon, and each sister failed. Their descendents were forced to relive their failures for 10 generations, at which point the final descendents would either overcome them together or the island would be destroyed.

The first book in the Trilogy, Dance Upon the Air, features Nell Channing. Nell's real name is Helen, and she is running from an abusive husband. She faked her death in California and eventually made her way to Three Sisters Island in New England. Once she's on the Island, it "feels right" and she's decided to try to make a new home for herself here. She gets a job in a bookstore/cafe and rents a cottage almost immediately, almost as if it was meant to be, as if the Island called her there. Her new boss/landlord, Mia, is known around the island as being a witch, and Mia senses something special about Nell . Nell meets a few of the islanders, including the Sheriff, Zack Todd. Zack takes an immediate interest in Nell and thinks she's not giving out the whole story. Eventually Zack and Mia figure out Nell has a painful past that she's not ready to share. Zack begins pursuing Nell in a romantic way, understanding that he will have to take it slowly. As Nell settles into Island life she warms to Zack as well. But, her past is coming to catch up with her - will she be strong enough to fight it? Will she accept help from her new friends and take a chance with Zack?

The second book, Heaven and Earth, centers around Zach's sister, Ripley Todd. Ripley is the town Deputy; she works with her brother the Sheriff. Ripley has magic but refuses to use it after an incident 10 years ago that has left her angry and in denial. When MacAllister Booke shows up, investigating the events surrounding the end of the first book, Ripley is immediately on the defense. Mac is a paranormal investigator, and is attracted to Ripley. Ripley wants nothing to do with his "hoo-doo research", but when they get together sparks fly. She wants to be with him but is unsure, and covers her confusion by lashing out. When a reporter shows up on the island, things are not right. When her family is threatened, Ripley knows what she must do - defend them. But there's more than one way to save someone. Will Ripley do the right thing or doom herself to repeat her ancestor's mistakes? I must say that at first Ripley got on my nerves, but as the story went on I found myself rooting for Ripley and Mac.

The final book, Face the Fire, is Mia's story. Mia has lived on the island her whole life. As a teenager, she and Sam Logan. 11 years ago, Sam left the island and broke her heart; she never got over it. Now he's back, and Mia must decide if she can open her heart and forgive him or continue to make the mistakes her ancestor made. I've gotta be honest, this was my least favorite of the three books. I liked Mia in the first two books, but found her irritating in this one. When the evil that is trying to fulfill the curse attacks her friends and family Mia gets upset when they don't tell her, but she doesn't tell them when it attacks her! They all know she is the last to face the challenge, and that she will need the strength of the three, but still she fights any offers of help. This book I felt kind of dragged towards the finish. The finish was good but came so fast you almost missed it.

All told, the trilogy was good. I liked the paranormal aspect as well as the small-town vibe and watching the Helen and Riley fall in love. The secondary characters were good supports to the main characters, and the evil that carried through the three books was persistent.


  1. I'm a Nora Roberts fan myself. I love most of her books. I liked this trilogy, but like the Irish Sisters Trilogy better.

  2. B Lines - I haven't read anything else by her yet but I do have the first two books in the Irish Sisters Trilogy.

  3. Never read anything by her but this series sure sound good. Different from what I expect her to write

  4. Patti..These are the only books I've read by Nora, too! I thought this trilogy was cute. But not cute enough to make me a die-hard Nora fan. If you read some more good ones, let me know! :)

  5. I haven't read anything by Nora Roberts either, like you for some reason I've just avoided her. Maybe I'll check her out when the TBR stack goes down.

    I like how you reviewed this trilogy.

  6. I'm not a huge Nora Roberts fan, but read the first book in the trilogy for the Take A Chance Challenge. Which of the books did you like best? I found Nell to be very annoying and almost unlikable.

  7. I recently read Robert's 'Mackade Brothers' series (written in 1995) and I really liked it. It was mushy romance, but the brothers were so sexy and charismatic that I didn't really care.

    I've since tried reading a few other Nora Robets books (stay away from her newest 'Black Hills'!) and I've found them all so-so. A bit of fluff reading that was pretty forgettable. I haven't read this trilogy though, so I'll be sure to check it out.

  8. Bleouedd - These are different than what I thought she wrote too.

    Buckeye Girl - I liked the 2nd book the best.

  9. I've read a couple of Nora Roberts before, but I haven't heard of this trilogy. Sounds good.