Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill

I loved Some Girls Bite and anxiously awaited Ms. Neill's follow-up, Friday Night Bites. Did I enjoy this book? Yes...BUT, I felt like I spent a lot of the book waiting for something to happen.

Friday Night Bites takes place about a month after the events in SGB. Merit is House Sentinel, and moving into Cadogan House to be closer to her job and give Mallory and Catcher space. She's still sort of dating Morgan, and still denying any attraction to Ethan. A problem comes up involving Merit's childhood friend, Nathaniel, a reporter researching a story that could be damaging to the vampires, and she must investigate. There is misdirection, deception, and lots of tension. An old enemy returns, and Merit goes through some changes. Mallory is having her own issues adjusting to her magic, and she and Merit disagree about Merit's love life. I don't understand why Merit and Mallory left things where they did.

I had hoped to see more of Morgan in this book, I really like his character, but Merit was very busy. I found Ethan frustrating, which was probably Ms. Neill's intention. One minute you thing he's "got" Merit, then he's back to the same old Ethan. Catcher is really a good frient to Merit and I love Jeff! He provided many smiles for me during this book; I hope we see more of him in the next one. There are some new characters introduced, and we meet Gabriel, the leader of the North American Pack near the end of the book. The end sort of leaves us with a cliffhanger, more of a "what's up with that?" than an "oh my God!"

As I said, I did like this book and it is a nice follow-up to SGB. I'm ready for book 3, Twice Bitten, which comes out in July.


  1. Even though we only see Gabriel for a brief time..I find it a very big..what's up with that. Especially with his wife in her condition..yes, I see tensions rising.

    I enjoyed the romantic tension in this one..not sick of the will they or won't they yet ;)

  2. Sounds good enough for me. I do wanna have a look at book 1 to see if it's to my liking

  3. First of all did you change your bloggy look? I like the background :). I've heard great reviews about this series, but I'm a little vamped out *snicker* should I give this one a try?

  4. I kind of wished there was more emphasis on Nathaniel's plot so we could get a better idea of Merit's life before she was turned into a vampire. I quite liked the parts where she and Ethan attended fancy dinners/balls, and we were able to better understand why Merit never fit in with that crowd. OH! And I liked the part where she met the Mayor and he flirted... but then nothing came of that storyline! Maybe Neill is saving that resolution for book 3, but I was frustrated when she bought it up and it went nowhere.

  5. Mandi - I agree, and I still like the tension too.

    Michelle - thanks!

    Blodeuedd - yes, it's a good read.

    Smokinhotbooks - I'm playing around with the look a bit; I'm feeling restless! Yes, give this one a try when you're ready to go back to paranormal.

    Danielle - I forgot about the fliry mayor!

  6. Your blog looks beautiful, Patti!

    I have SOME GIRLS BITE waiting in my TBR. I can't wait to dive in! When I get the time that is. ;)