Saturday, May 22, 2010

Show Me Yours Saturday

Show Me Yours Saturday is hosted by I heart Book Gossip. Here's how it works:

Each weekend try to post a Show Me Yours. It can include a favorite food to something about you. Show me the deets and I will show you mine. Key word is show: So show us some snazzy pictures not just words.

I've been wanting to share pictures of the Main Library here in New Orleans. It's absolutely gorgeous inside. One of the reasons I love it is I can come here and visualize the fancy homes in those saucy historical novels. Look at how beautiful it is:

The main lobby/checkout:

I think this is a meeting room:

This is the ceiling in the green room you can glimpse on the left in the room above, and the sunroom is through the doorway on the right in the room above:

The kid's area:

This is my favorite room:

Look at the wallpaper - it's beautiful! I can just imagine ladies sitting, waiting on their gentlemen callers, having tea and chatting about the latest gossip.....

So, what do you like about your local library?


  1. Wow Patti, absolutely beautiful. That ceiling is amazing. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. What a beautiful library.
    What I love most about my library is the HUGE OVER STUFFED leather chairs with side lamps that swing around so you can read in any light you like.



  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Patti. I'm not even gonna my wee, local library. LOL.

  4. Aww girl you brought Show Me Your's back *singing Sexy Back :), thanks a lot! I will bring it back in a month or so when the weather gets a bit warmer.

    One day in the near future I will so stop by New Orleans and visit your beautiful library. The libraries in the city are a bit smaller and too modern for my taste. I love the rustic feel in a library, gives more of a homey feel to it.

    Thank You Patti! I certainly love love love this post.


    I Heart Book Gossip

  5. Chris: I love your library - very cool!

    Mar: The pictures don't do it justice!

    MsM: Those chairs sound comfy and the lamps are a great idea.

    Kris: This is the MAIN library. My little local library since Hurricane Katrina is actually a tiny mobile home.

    I <3 Book Gossip: I love Show Me Yours! I'd been thinking of doing this for awhile but kept forgetting my camera when I'd go to the library :) So glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful! Thank you for posting them!

  7. Wow. I'm so jealous! I think I'm going to move to New

  8. Wow. That is an amazing library you have in NOLA!!! I'm jealous :)

  9. I'm impressed! the library here is a very new and boring building. The only good things about it are all the books ;-)

  10. That is gorgeous! If I lived in New Orleans I'd definitely be getting a summer job helping out at the library... especially one that looked that gothic and glorious! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    P.S. - Hope you're liking 'Touched by an Alien'!!! And I can't wait to read your review of Josh Lanyon!

  11. You caint imitate that old New Orleans charm. Absolutely gorgeous.

  12. What a beautiful library.
    Sue B

  13. Simply stunning! The imagination can run rampant in such a gorgeous library :)

  14. Okay not going to lie a little here.. I am freaking green with envy!! I Love that library Patti! That is awesome!!! Hummm... we might have to make our trip in New Orleans a bit longer so I can see this!!!

    Ahhh guess what... See you soon!!!

  15. Bree: It is beautiful, thanks for stopping by!

    Natalie: Come on over, LOL!

    Book Vixen: I love bringing the kids on Saturdays. It's nice.

    Sullivan McPig: We do have some modern libraries scattered around, but this is my favorite.

    Danielle: It definitely puts me in the mood to read historicals :)

    Hannah: True dat!!!

    Katsrus: It is, thanks!

    Scorpio: Yes, it can. I love it!

    Cecile: Come early and we'll go, LOL!! I'm so ready to meet you - it's right around the corner :)

  16. Wow these pics are gorgeuos. Just wow!

    I don't really like my local library but mostly cuz I can't get the books I want there.So I never really go.
    But yours is gorgeous.
    *library envy* LOL