Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beauty is only (kindle)skin deep:

As I mentioned in a previous post, hubs outdid himself for my b-day. Not only did I get an awesome kindle cover, but I ordered a custom kindle skin. I had seen a couple of sites, but after Mandi's testimonial, I decided to go with MyTego because I wanted the skin to go around each individual letter on the keypad. It took a little while to get here but I'm very pleased with the results:

(stealing another page out of Mandi's book,I had the Littlest Book Addict model the front)

(Big Sister was a little more chill about modeling the back)

I used Frederick Childe Hassam's Woman Reading, which some of you may remember was my header when I started this blog. The left half is the front of the kindle, the right half is the back:

I'm really pleased with the results, it's gorgeous! Thanks, Mr. Book Addict, for a wonderful birthday gift - I love it!!!


  1. OOOOh I want! My kindle needs a makeover.

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous! Don't skins just make things more fun?

  3. That is cute. I didn't even know they had skins for Kindles. I don't own a kindle, but maybe someday!

  4. "Patti's Precious"? I love it!!

  5. Life after Jane: I love it!!

    Mandi: It really did - thanks for the referral.

    Chris: Yes, now I want a skin for my computer and ipod!

    Cheryl: They think of everything, don't they?

    Kris: Thanks!

    Hannah: Yup, that's my kindle's name.

  6. I love the skin I have for Kuroi Neko, my netbook! (If you haven't seen it, you can go to my blog and search for Kuroi Neko.)

  7. Chris: That is very cool - love it! I want a skin for my laptop next!

  8. And thus a skin addict is born. Wait, that sounds really bad, doesn't it?! ;)

  9. I went with Decal Girl and was very happy with mine. I wrote up a product review of it if you want to check it out and keep your options open.

    I definitely do like with what you went with.

    Stephanie G

  10. I want a pretty skin for my kindle!

  11. Chris: Loud and Proud - I'm a skin addict!!! :)

    Bookie: Thanks!

    Paranormal Haven: I love that your phone and kindle match! I may try decalgirl for my laptop.

    Blodeuedd: Thanks, I love it!

    Smokinhotbook: Do it!!! (just a little peer pressure, LOL!)

  12. Kris: Why yes, yes it does.... Thanks!

  13. Oh Patti the kidlets have great taste in artwork..

    Love it.. enjoy


  14. so getting daughter a kindle for xmas, love the make your own on tego but dont see kindle skins, help please :)