Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Early Birthday Surprise!

Hubs was a total sweetie this year (he's a sweetie every year but this year he outdid himself) and let me order my own birthday gifts. I got an Oberon "Roof of Heaven" kindle cover and a custom kindle skin. I'm still waiting on the skin, but the Oberon came today. Behold:

(front view closed)

(open cover)

??Do you hear angels singing??

I am borderline obsessed with celestial bodies (and blue is my favorite color), so this cover is really perfect for me. I didn't realize at the time, but when I opened it tonight I realized it matches my tattoo!

(That's the inside of my ankle so it was hard to take the pic myself -
it's a bit turned but you get the idea!)


  1. Go Patti ~ It's Your Birthday!
    Go Patti ~ It's Your Birthday!
    Go Patti ~ It's Your Birthday!

    Yayayay to hubs for getting you the best present eva!!!!!!

    It is gorgeous Patti!! And yes, it matches your tattoo!
    Hope all is well and I hope you are having the best birthday weeks evea!!!

  2. I have some Oberon stuff, so I know how absolutely gorgeous it is! Good job to the hubby. And I love how well it goes with your tattoo!

  3. Happy birthday :)

    I linked to you in a joke post about 'things white people get addicted to':


    (obvs. I don't actually know if you're white; it just sounded funnier that way)



  4. Happy Birthday, Patti!

    Wow it's gorgeous and I love the way it matches your awesome tattoo!

  5. Happy Birthday :D

    Awww what a sweetie, he knows what to do ;) Very nice present you ordered

  6. I want!!!! It's so *PRETTY*!
    Early B'day present (isn't your Birthday on May 11?)

    Awesome tat, by the way. How cool a mum are you?!

  7. Happy Birthday!!

    Awesome tatt ;) Maybe this means I need a tatt of Brandon's Flower's face to match my Kindle?!?

  8. Thanks Cecile! I love it!

    Chris: Now that I've seen how nice their stuff is, I want more,LOL!

    so-and-so: Thanks!

    Razlover: Thanks! It must have been subliminal :)

    Blodeuedd: Thanks, he is a good husband!

    Danielle: Yup, b-day May 11, but it came early and he let me open it instead of making me wait a week.

    Mandi: Thanks (not too sure about the face tattoo though, LOL!)

  9. JEALOUS!! It so looks just you. Very, very you.

  10. That is really beautiful Patti!

    I love your tattoo.

    Happy Birthday - You enjoy.


  11. Hannah: I fell in love at first sight!

    SVZ: Thanks and thanks!

    Smokinhotbooks: Thanks, it's actually next week though...

    Lea: Thanks, I like it :)

  12. Prettie! The kindle cover ain't bad either. :P

  13. Happy B'day hon..

    Pressie looks so good - Hubs rule as usual..

    You and your skin art...


  14. Kris: Thanks!!

    EH: Yeah, hubs is a keeper :) My b-day is actually next week so I'm hoping my kindle skin comes on or before that. And yes, I do have a fascination with colorful skin, LOL!

  15. Happy Birthday!! Nice present. I like your tat!!