Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: Sanctuary Unbound by Moira Rogers

From the author's website:
New England is ideal for vampire Adam Dubois. His cozy home in the Great North Woods reminds him of a happier time when werewolves and witches were stuff of legends, and he was a simple lumberjack.

Hiding from past failures has worked for over eighty years, but a life debt owed to the Red Rock alpha has forced him to leave his retreat--and come face to face with a woman who challenges and tempts him on every level.

Hiding secrets is a lonely business, and Cindy Shepherd is lonely with a capital L. Red Rock isn't exactly crawling with available men, but her interest in the mystery-shrouded new vampire in town seems mutual. After all, it's only sex--there's no danger he'll dig deep enough to unleash the demons of her past.

Casual flirtation turns deadly serious when Adam discovers that the vampire plaguing Red Rock is using his mistakes as a road map. When it comes to his life, he knows Cindy has his back. But in order to secure the future, they both must trust each other with more--even if it means sacrificing themselves to save everything they hold dear.

I just finished reading this book, and wow, just, wow! I've read the previous three books in this series and enjoyed them very much; Sanctuary Unbound, Book 4 in the Red Rock Pass series is my new favorite.

As the book opens, Cindy Shepherd is taking care of the pack Alpha, Gavin, who's just had his 3rd heart attack. Gavin knows he's sick, and he's waiting for Keith to come back from Bedagi Creek, where he's wrapped up events from book three and is on his way home to Red Rock - and he's bringing a vampire. Cindy is the Pack doctor. We met her in the previous books but don't know much about her except that she was Dylan's ex-girlfriend in Sanctuary's Price.

Adam Dubois is the infamous flannel-wearing lumberjack vampire I've been hearing so much about. We met him in Sanctuary's Price, where he helped Dylan and Joe overcome a sadistic vampire who almost killed that local pack. He's come to Red Rock to help his old friend Gavin protect his pack from another threat.

Events from book 3 have led to an eventual showdown with another vampire who's stealing werewolf magic to try to take over Red Rock. With the help of Sasha, their resident witch (and heroine from book 3), Adam is going to try to save Red Rock.

I loved this book! From the opening scene, things were all action: There are some shifts in the pack heiarchy, and changes are coming in future books that I think will break my heart. Our heroes/heroines from the previous books are all present and very busy - Gavin and Sam are dealing with their own issues as well as trying to keep the pack safe. Keith has recovered, and he and Abby, along with Dylan and Sasha, are busy helping prepare for the attack. Joe and Brynn are still dealing with Brynn's wolfy issues.

Cindy and Adam have a chemistry that is undeniable. As soon as Adam pulls into town and sees Cindy, he knows he's in trouble. There's instant attraction on both sides, but they both fight it; they each have difficult histories but become closer as they decide to trust each other and talk out their issues. At first they agreed to get together because they were both lonely and attracted to each other but gradually realized they had so much more than just lust in common. They talked and shared and grew into so much more than bedmates. There was a scene at the end of the fight scene that had me holding my breath - Adam's love for Cindy is almost overwhelming.

The fight scene - oh, the fight scene! Moira Rogers wrote the hell out of the fight scene - I could visualize the whole thing in my mind's eye from start to finish. Cindy is definitely not a shrinking violet, and this flannel-wearing vampire was both glorious and terrifying in action. The two of them together are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

I give Sanctuary Unbound 4 1/2 stars!

Sanctuary Unbound is avialable for purchase June 1, 2010.

This book was provided to me by the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I think I picked up the first few books in this series right before I stopped reading m/f romance... Maybe someday!

  2. I love this series. I read the first two, and plan to read the rest soon.

  3. Hi Patti,

    Great review and this sounds like a series I would love to read!

    Heard great things about this series and now I have added them to my TBR pile!

  4. Great review! I enjoyed the one Rogers' book that I've read.

  5. This series sounds so good Patti. I read about it over at Mandi's and it sure piqued my interest.

    Your great review has spurred me on to try book one.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I can't help smiling at the vampire lumber jack, that is so the last thing I would see a vamp as...and I love it

  7. Chris: How long have you been strictly m/m? Just curious.

    Christie: Have you tried their Southern Aracana series? It's great too!

    Paranormal/Romantic Suspense: I hope you enjoy them - they're very good!

    Eyre: Thanks!

    Lea: They're great - I like their Southern Arcana werewolves too!

    Blodeuedd: He's pretty awesome :)

  8. Hmm... sometime last fall. It happened gradually!

  9. Chris: I could see that happening :)