Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'd Read That!

In the comments section of a previous post, I mentioned to Chris that I'd love Rachel Gibson to write a gay hockey story. Then today I stumbled across this at Eyre's place:

I'd read that!! Rowr!


  1. There is a short story by Dianne Fox called Slap Shot and I think TA Chase is planning a hockey story in his sports series. JM Snyder has a book called Power Play about a college hockey player. I've never read it though. So they are out there, not by the author you chose, but ice + hot boys = fun. :-)

    Word veri: farice - the hockey rink at the other end of town, the far ice.

  2. Tam: See, I need to surround myself with people in the know - I had no idea there were m/m hockey stories! Thanks so much for the recs!
    "ice + hot boys = fun" As we say in New Orleans, "yeah you right!"

  3. Stephani Hecht & AJ Llewellyn have a hockey series, too, although I've only read the first one and probably won't read further.

  4. Chris: That doesn't sound too promising...

  5. I wants it Patti!

    I read TA Chase's basketball man love story I liked a lot.

  6. Patti, thanks for the link back. I have the Snyder story, but I haven't read it yet. I hope Chase writes one. It would be a definite buy for me.

  7. That's fantastic. And it's ironic that your posting this...

    Yesterday there was a bit of a media storm in Australia. A prominent AFL footballer gave his opinions about gay players in the AFL. His exact words were "they should stay in the closet" - his reasoning being that the game isn't ready to have 'out' players. He said that he, personally, would feel uncomfortable with a gay team-mate....
    I know, right?
    This guy is a complete moron. And obviously the media and gay rights activists came out saying that, statistically, with 1 in 8 men being gay, this player has already been playing with gay team-mates.

    It's a really horrible story - the only upside being that general media and public consensus is against that man's comments. Everyone has kicked up a storm and said he's an idiot.

    I thought it was ironic because I'd just recently read Sean Kennedy's book 'Tigers and Devils' which is about a gay AFL players 'coming out'. lol