Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scent of Darkness by Christina Dodd

This book is a mystery to me. Why? Because I spent the whole time I was reading it rolling my eyes, yet I read through the whole thing and am on to book 2!!

At the beginning of the story, when the heroine, Ann, decides she's gonna let her boss of 4 years, Jasha, know how she really feels, she gets to his house, finds him not home, lets herself in (she's his assistant and has a key), unpacks her suitcase (she was not invited, he has no idea she's coming) and takes a shower!!! Don't people go to jail for that kind of behavior?

Later, after she sees him shapeshift (he's a wolf) and he chases her after running away, comes the first sex scene (which, BTW, was kind of hot). Then, after, it's almost as if he's trying to convince himself she'll be a good mate, he really doesn't sound absolutely sure.

Then more eye rolling when they're on the run from bad guys, he's got stuff stashed all around the forest - clothes, sleeping bags, towels and soap, bottles of wine (he does own a winery, but still).

And she's supposed to be some uber-efficient personal assistant, but she's got no backbone. AND, every 10 pages she's thinking something mysterious about some birthmark on her back and saying to herself "I always bring the bad ones." I started scanning the pages looking for that phrase.
Basically, Ann goes to Jasha's house with the intent to seduce him and start a relationship. She sees him shift out of werewolf form and runs. He catches her, and hot, muddy, feral sex is on! Then, they spend a bit of time running from the bad guys (see ridiculous supply list above) and then he brings her to meet his family. His mother has uttered some sort of trance-induced prediction, and Ann thinks Jasha just likes her because some of Ann's actions fulfill parts of the prediction. Ann doesn't want to "settle" and turns down his offer of marriage. The rest of the book is his "plan" to win her affections, except he doesn't go into what his plan is, and I didn't really see one in action. The only reason there's a HEA is because of what happens during the "big scene" at the end. Speaking of the end, it's abrubt. Like, action, action, revelation, the end. I think it's a HEA.

There's no continuity in the characters actions and reactions throughout the book. There's a few unanswered questions, but I assume the other books are about his brothers (and maybe a nephew?). I realize I had almost nothing good to say about this book, which is why I have no idea why I'm looking forward to book 2, Touch of Darkness, but I am. I totally want to know what happens next!


  1. Ok..yes I would have called the police, that is just freaky. The rest seems weird too, but hey sometimes weird draws you in

  2. Man, Patti, I so did not like this series, sorry to say. I gave up at book 2 for all the reasons you noted.

    The stories just didn't resonate with me at all...

    So, yup, right here with you!!


  3. Blodeuedd - Yes, it is weird! I can't explain why I want to read book 2!

    Lea - glad I'm not alone, I'd only seen rave reviews which is why I started this series.

  4. Hi Patti!

    Glad to see you managed to finish this book!

    I did enjoy reading this book but there are parts that are quite unbelievable and eye rolling, LOL!

  5. I think that Heidenkind had a similiar review of one of Christina's books-it might have been this one. It seems like she is losing some steam-I used to love her, but haven't read her in ages.

  6. Oh, thank god. I've been eyeing Christine Dodd and almost picked this up. Since I trust you more than Amazon related books, I'm glad I stopped by. I understand reading other bks in a series, once you get going, you just have to find out what happens. I call this my Bk Series OCD.

  7. Yikes, I have this book sitting on my tbr I'm wondering it's just taking up space. Thanks for the review, maybe I'll just read it for the hot sex scenes. LOL! *wiggles eyebrows*

  8. Razlover - yes, a good read but very unbelievable!

    Buckeye Girl - I wish I had read her review before I bought THE WHOLE SERIES!!

    smokinhotbooks - that's a good word for it Book series OCD.

    Donna - I wouldn't push it to the front of your TBR ;)