Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Highlander Unchained by Monica McCarty

Another home run by Ms. McCarty! I have not read her 2nd novel in this series, but book 3, Highlander Unchained, is great!

Highlander Unchained is about Flora, a young lady with a tragic family history. Her mother was married four times to men she did not love, and she was miserable. She always told Flora to only marry for love. Flora had inherited wealth from her mother, and she also had good connections, as her half-brother Rory (the hero in the first book in this series) was head of the clan MacLeod and her other half-brother Hector, was head of the clan of MacLean , and her uncle is the Earl of Argyll.

When her mother dies, Flora knows her brothers and uncle are going to marry her off. She does not want to be a polital pawn, and decides to elope with a friend. On the way to their secret elopement they are ambushed by highlanders who take Flora hostage while her "fiancee" runs away and leaves her.

Laughlin Maclean, is the Maclean of Coll. He has a brother and two sisters that he cares for. He is at war with Flora's half-brother Hector,who has stolen Laughlinl's castle and abuses his people. He sent his brother to the King to try to get his castle back and the king imprisoned his brother. Flora's uncle, the Earl, tells Laughlin if he can convince Flora to marry him he will give Laughlin a writ freeing his brother from prison. He then tells Laughlin that Flora is in the process of trying to elope. Laughlin and his men are the ones who end up ambushing and kidnapping her.

At first Flora is furious, but as she stays at the keep she grows fond of Laughlin's sisters and takes them under her wing, teaching them to read and write and dance. She is also attracted to Laughlin, but cannot forget she is his prisoner. Laughlin develops feelings for Flora and wants to prove his affection for her by allowing her to leave. She is so moved by this gesture she decides to stay.

Her half-brother Hector sends men to rescue her from Laughlin, but she refuses to go. Laughlin continues to show her kindness and affection and they decide to wed. BUT, he has not told her about the bargain with her uncle. He loves her and is afraid if Flora finds out she'll leave him. She finds out the morning of her wedding and fireworks fly!

This book was great - again, sexy Highlanders, battles, intrigue, romance, it has everything! Every time I'd tell myself, "I'll just finish this part then put it down", something else would happen and I eventually had to make myself put it down because it was so hard to tear myself away. There was so much going on I really can't put it all down here, it would be almost as long as the book!

My only question is this - Where can I sign up for swimming lessons with Lachlan?! ;)


  1. Let me see if I got this straight... Monday you post a list of 23 books read in August, the last entry being in progress. Then Wednesday you post a review of a book that isn't even on the list????? Wha-a-a-a-a-t???

  2. This is a new to me author, but you have me hooked. I can't wait to read!!!

  3. Yes pops - this was a book I read in July - I'm waaayyy behind in posting!!

    Thanks Book Junkie - I finally found book 2 and am going to read it soon - This is one of my new authors that I love!! I can't recommend her highly enough!

  4. Great Review Patti!

    I love a good highland romance myself and this one sounds really good. I've seen Monica McCarty's books around the blogsphere but I shamefully admit to never having picked one up. Hmmm...must remedy this.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    ;) VFG

  5. Sounds like a great book!

  6. I do love Highlanders, give me a book and I am happy with that. Sounds like a nice read, and I am sure there is an intense scene when she finds out the truth.

    Swimming lessons, can I sign up too with him ;)

  7. Okay Patti... I am buying this book. I went in search this past weekend for a highlander book... (yea, I forgot my notebook and goodreads would not come up on my phone's internet... crap) Anyway... while walking the isles, I could not find a good highlander book... and my memory was not very good! Now I know which one I want to buy now!! Awesome review honey!!
    Great job!
    Hope you have a great night!

  8. There is just something so sexy about Highlander books, couldn't possibly be my kilt addiction or the sexy accents... I love when the dialogue is written "scotish style" *sigh*