Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men by Molly Harper

I loved the first book in this series, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs. I've been waiting since I finished that book for Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men to come out. It was worth the wait - I loved it! I am totally a Molly Harper fangirl!

In NGDHF, we meet Jane Jameson (yes, there are a few funny porn references), a librarian who is turned into a vampire. Funny, snarky, interesting plot and love the secondary characters. Talk about a dysfunctional family!
Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men did not leave me disappointed. It starts with Jane seeing the awful dress she's going to have to wear as maid of honor at her best friend Zeb's wedding. Zeb has been her best friend since gradeschool, and he is marrying a werewolf, Jolene, that he met at a Friends of Vampires support group. Zeb's mother is unhappy he's not marrying Jane, and Jolene's family is not happy she's not marrying a werewolf. All sorts of problems arise and Jane keeps ending up involved, along with her sire/boyfriend Gabriel, and another vampire friend, Dick Cheney (somehow the name makes him seem even more evil). Zeb has been acting strangely and Jane's not sure if it's just pre-wedding jitters.

Meanwhile, Gabriel has been going out of town a lot and not answering Jane's calls while he's gone. She's suspicious, but doesn't want to be a clingy girlfriend, so she's keeping her suspicions to herself but is unhappy about it.

If that wasn't enough, her family has been trying to ignore the fact she's a vampire (her mom keeps bringing over pot pies) and her grandmother's new beau might be a vampire - he certainly has a suspicous past.

I love these books! I love Jane, but I also love the secondary characters. Sometimes you read a book and skim over the secondary characters, but Ms. Harper has made each one interesting. The way they interact with Jane and with each other is great. I tore through this book in less than a day.

I definitely recommend this series. The third book, Nice Girls Don't Live Forever comes out in January 2010.


  1. Patti,

    Great review. :) I'm glad you liked these books - I have them on my tbr shelf and can't wait to read them.

    Have a wonderful day. :)


  2. And... you would be picking up on the porn references why?????

  3. Great review :)
    They look and sound so fun, I wanna read them

  4. Yay!!Great review!! Loved this book! Loved the series! (exclamation mark much?!!!!)

    I love Dick Cheney's innuendos he's so funny, that's my favorite secondary character

    Aren't you excited about book 3?! =D

    ps: hey i though book 3 was coming out in December! hum must check on that and change my blog then lol

  5. These books sound like great fun Patti!

    Wonderful review, I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much and hope you are feeling better. :)


  6. Okay, totally off topic but ... I want that sweater on the cover!

  7. Thanks ladies - In case you couldn't tell from my review, I love this series. I thought the next book was coming out in December but the book says January (I think her website still says December? not sure).

    And thanks Lea, I'm feeling much better!

  8. Oh Patti, thank you for this review. I have this book in my TBR pile and the second one has caught my eye. I love the review... makes me think twice about when I shall be reading this one!!! Great review! I hope you are having a great night!

  9. I've seen these books around and the covers do look like fun - been eyeing them. Thanks for the review :)

  10. This sounds fun - thanks for the review!