Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fictional Boyfriend Haiku

Yesterday I gave my 16 year-old son to a Haiku challenge; I don't know who won. But, it got me to wondering if I could do a Haiku about any of my fictional boyfriends (list on my sidebar at right). Here goes:

Jamie Fraser:
Virgin at marriage,
Loves his Sassenach dearly.
Sexy Highlander.
Mr. Darcy:
Rich, pompus, distant.
Loves Lizzy despite himself.
Makes good in the end.
Eric Northman:
Hot, golden Viking,
Wants to take Sookie from Bill.
Shower with me please.
Sexy English Vamp,
Tricked Cat out of her panties.
Chapter thirty-two!
Tatted-up hottie
Saved Mac from being pri-ya
Where the hell's he from?


  1. Zsadist

    Son of Agony
    He who is ruined loves most
    Bella not Edward's

  2. Lurve it!!!!

    BTW - I need to meet Marc, Shane and Dimitri of your boyfriends..I have yet to be introduced! Otherwise, all of your other boyfriends are on my list I think.

  3. Is it just a coincidence that you have a 16 year old son and I have a 16 year old grandson? Hmmmm...

    w/v "crossenl" - how you make a "t"

  4. Patti...Your haikus rock the house! Love them! Maybe you should publish a book of poetry... :)

  5. Awesome haikus Patti... You are VERY creative!!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Jamie Fraser - LOVE!

    P.S. - how incredibly psyched are you for 'An Echo in the Bone'? Seriously, just thinking about having that book in my hot little hand makes me break out in goose-bumps! Eek!

  7. That was great! Especially loved the Jamie Fraser one. He's one of my favorite heroes.