Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione

Wow. I read the Demonica Series this week. Who knew demons were so altruistic and yummy? The series is about three brothers, Eichelon, Shade, and Wraith, Seminus (Incubus) demons who run a hospital for demons.

Recap: Book 1, Pleasure Unbound, is about Eichelon and his mate Tayla (hate that name, BTW). Book 2, Desire Unchained, centers around Shade and his mate Runa. Both good books with hot, hot scenes.

Book 3, Passion Unleashed, is Wraith and Serena's story. Wraith has been poisoned by an assassin, and the poison has no antidote; Wraith does not have long to live. They learn about a "charmed one", Serena, who is charmed to live forever, and can only give up her charm through sex. No biggie, good thing Wraith's an Incubus, right? He ends up develping feelings for Serena, and can't go through with her seduction. Instead he wants to protect her from the demons who are trying to get the charm and kill her. The problem is that while he is spending time with Serena, the underworld is falling into chaos and the hospital is literally falling apart. Then Eichelon makes a discovery that has Wraith rethinking his decision not to seduce Serena.

This book was great! I love Wraith and Serena's story. Their feelings for each other were so strong, I was almost in tears near the end - I didn't see how there could possibly be a HEA. I also liked Gem and Kynan's side story, and the introduction of a new character will make for an interesting storyline later.

I had wondered what all the hubub was surrounding this series - now I know. Can't wait for Ecstasy Unveiled!


  1. I think I liked Wraith the best, but they are all good. I love the relationship the brothers have with each other..and verra hot sex scenes. Can't wait for Lore!!

  2. i don't know this series but it sounds interesting, i'm not sure about book 3 though since it looks kindda sad (yes i'm a chicken and i don't read sad books).

    Ahhh those incubus sound hot though

  3. Mandi - I can't wait either!

    Pattepoilue - Don't let the sad part turn you off, it was a very good book, not really a sad part as much as I didn't see how the author would make it work.

  4. alright, then it IS a series i should add to my TBR list. =) Reading blogs is not helping my ever growing TBR list =P