Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pam's Review: In A Treacherous Court by Michelle Diener

In A Treacherous Court
~Michelle Diener

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publish Date: August 2, 2011
ISBN-10: 1439197083
ISBN-13: 978-1439197080

From the author's website:
Henry VIII’s most lethal courtier and his newly appointed artist become the only thing keeping him on the throne – and if they survive, neither will ever be the same.

John Parker is one of Henry VIII most useful courtiers — utterly merciless and completely loyal. But one small favour for his King will pull Parker into a deadly plot against the throne, one that will test his courage, his resolve, and most especially, his heart.

A commission from Henry VIII should have been the crowning achievement of Susanna Horenbout’s career, but before the beautiful and talented artist even sets foot in England, she finds herself in possession of a secret that could change its history. With Parker as her only protection against killers who will stop at nothing to silence her, Susanna has to trust the dangerous, enigmatic courtier. She’s used to fighting in a man’s world, but she never expected to be fighting for her life.

The story takes place in 1525 England. Susanna Horenbout finds herself in an unusual predicament. She is on her way to England to serve as an artist for King Henry VIII. During the journey, however, a man dies in her arms with no one else around. He leaves her with his last words which are an important message for the King.

John Parker works very closely with the King and is one of his men. He comes across Susanna because the man who died in her arms also worked for the King. Parker tries to get the dying man’s message out of Susanna, but she is determined to tell the King herself because the message was for his ears alone. When a bolt seems like it was meant to take Susanna’s life, Parker decides to stay close and guard her on the way to the King, because someone clearly doesn’t want the message to get delivered.

My thoughts:
This book was very hard for me to read. It was lacking in….something. I even stopped reading at one point when Parker and Susanna were being attacked. I think one reason is that I didn’t feel connected to the characters. I didn’t get the real feel for them, for what makes them who they are. I think another reason that I had trouble with this book was I just felt that the first two thirds dragged and was almost repetitive, in my mind at least. Even though I just finished this book last night, I’m having trouble remembering what happened; it didn’t interest me enough to stay with me. There was some romance between Parker and Susanna, but again, I just didn’t feel it.

The story finally started to flow and held my interest when there was about a hundred or so pages left. So while it definitely ended on a good note for me, this is not a book that I will be keeping on my shelves.

My Rating:

Book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I just watched all of The Tudor's on Netflix so I've had all the Henry I can stand right now. He was such a BRAT. But I've read a few very good historical novels about that time if you want to find something else that is more to your liking!

    You're awesome by the way :)

  2. That's too bad. The basics of the story sounds nice but having the first 2/3rds not really go anywhere is a let down. I enjoy historical novels but I think this is one I'll pass up. Thanks for the review Patti. Hopefully your next read will be a more enjoyable read!

  3. Sorry this one didn't work out for you. I admit, this is not my fav time period for hist rom.

  4. Sorry that this one did not work for you :/

  5. Blodeuedd, didn't you review this one a while ago? Sorry it did not work out for you Pam, hopefully your next book will be a keeper again.

  6. A Jane of All Reads: I definitely agree that he was a brat! If you have any good recommendations from that time feel free to send them my way. :)

    Paperback Daydreamer: The basics of the story was nice, just not interesting I would say.

    Fiction Vixen, Blodeuedd, Aurain: Thanks, I hope the next one is better too. :)