Saturday, September 11, 2010


(Hannah, our SIL Brenda, and me at Charlaine Harris' book signing last October)

My sister-in-law and BFF, Hannah, whom I talk about occasionally here, is having a giveaway. Now, while she loves to read, she's not a book blogger. She's edgier and rantier and a whole lot more fun than I am. She's the one we tell the kids to ask when they have a "sex" question. Not "where do babies come from" type questions, more like "what's a lemon party" type questions. Why? 'Cause it's fun. (Disclaimer: we do NOT speak that way in front of the kids, but sometimes things are overheard that don't surface until the MOST inopportune Thanksgiving dinner, for example)

Go say hi and enter her giveaway - There's books and swag, no hoops to jump through, no need to be a follower (although, trust me, you want to), just click here --->leave her a comment. That's it - easy peasy.


  1. I'm not entering *eyes teetering stacks of books and swag nervously* - but I did add it to linkity from yesterday.

  2. okay heading over there now :)

  3. Thank for the heads-up Patti!!

  4. I'm lovin' the picture!!!

  5. *drool*
    I couldn't resist temptation ;-)