Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I may be on the downslide into DownSide*

*Sorry, couldn't resist :)

Just so we're clear, this (again) is not a review so much as a one-sided discussion...

Okay, so I just finished the 2nd book in Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series - Unholy Magic. I'm reallllly starting to feel the Terrible luv - OMG I just want to hug him. I liked the glimpse we got into the man behind the sideburns in this book.

I still like Chess, even though she spends most of her time rollin' balls - somehow she still seems to get the job done. I can only imagine how formidable she'd be if she were clean. We also get a bit of Chess' history, which so far has only been hinted at. While I do not condone drug use, I can sort of understand what happened in her case...

So, here's the thing: I had my son put a bunch of new songs on my iPod, and my daughters and I have been listening to the same few songs over and over (how else are we going to learn all the words? LOL). Every time this one comes on I think about Chess and Terrible:

So, yup, getting ready to start book 3, City of Ghosts, and planning to make it last because I don't know how long I'll have to wait for book 4 :)


  1. How fast has she been writing them??

  2. Sounds like I'm going to have to get these books. :)

  3. After book 2 I went - OH..I get it now. LOVE this series.

    I still need to read COG. Yes, I just admitted that.

  4. There is a very lonnnnnnnng wait till book 4. It's not out until 2011-not sure when.

  5. OMG book 3 *swoons* I may have had naughty dreams about Terrible

  6. *squee* She likes them!!! She really likes them. Just wait until you read book 3! *swoon*

  7. i haven't read this author yet but i've heard of her books. they sound good! and i really liked the colors on the cover of unholy magic.

  8. I LOVE that song!
    Totally suits for Chess/Terrible.

    Yay for the Terrible love (and loving how that sounds!)

    Looking forward to a full review from you :)

  9. Chris: I don't know, I'm going to have to check - hopefully fast, LOL!

    Eyre: They're good - I'm actually digging the bizarre speech pattern some of the characters use.

    Mandi: Book 1 drew me in, Book 2 kept me there :)

    Buckeye Girl: 2011? *cries*

    Smokinhotbooks: Oooohhhh!! Now I want to read more, maybe I'll call in sick?

    Julie: You guys are killing me - gotta get book 3!!!

    chelleyreads: I didn't think I'd like them as much as I do - it caught me by surprise.

    Danielle: Yeah, every time I hear the song (which is a lot these days, LOL) I think of Chess/Terrible.

  10. You're sure loving these aren't you :) I do want them, but I can resist, and wish for them when xmas comes

  11. That OD scene where she calls her Terrible to help her was ROUGH. I am so happy you are enjoying this series, these books tear me apart but I always want more more more! :D