Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scars are Cowboy Tattoos with Better Stories

I've been craving some Cowboy Romance lately; I've found a few authors but their backlists are huge and I've been overwhelmed as to where to start. I hate starting in the middle of a series and not knowing who the secondary characters are.

Today I bit the bullet and stopped at the bookstore between errands. I looked at these books and decided I could give a trilogy a try. I picked up Linda Lael Miler's Montana Creeds trilogy:
(book descriptions from the author's website)

After years of wandering, Logan Creed, a cowboy with a dusty law degree, has returned home. To put down roots, to restore his family’s neglected ranch… to have kids of his own proudly bearing the Creed name.

Divorced mom Briana Grant has heard the stories about her gorgeous neighbor. So Logan’s kindness with her young boys is a welcome surprise, especially when her ex reappears. And when an unknown enemy vandalizes her home, Logan shows Briana—and the folks of Big Sky country—just what he’s made of.

Hailed as “rodeo’s bad boy” for his talent at taming bulls and women, Dylan Creed likes life in the fast lane. But when the daughter he rarely sees is abandoned by her mother, Dylan heads home to Stillwater Springs ranch. Somehow the champion bull rider has to turn into a champion father—and fast.

Town librarian Kristy Madison is uncharacteristically speechless when Dylan Creed turns up for story time with a toddler in tow. The man who’d left a trail of broken hearts—including her own—is back… and this time Kristy’s determined to tame his wild ways once and for all.

Whether winning championship belt buckles or dealing with Hollywood types for endorsement deals, former rodeo star Tyler Creed can handle anything. Except standing on the same square foot of land as his estranged brothers. Yet here they are in Stillwater Springs, barely talking but trying to restore the old Creed ranch—and family.

Lily Kenyon knows all about family estrangements and secrets. The single mom has come home to set things right, to put down roots for her daughter. What she doesn’t expect is Tyler Creed, whom she’s loved since childhood. Now the handsome, stubborn cowboy who left home to seek his fortune just might find it was always under the Montana sky…

So, I'm ready to read about some cowboy livin' and lovin'. Has anyone read this series? Does anyone have any cowboy favorites?


  1. I haven't read these. Will you still like me even if I'm not a particular fan of cowboy romances?

  2. Chris: LOL, I haven't been a fan of Cowboy romance, I'm not sure why I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to read one :)

  3. Haven't read them, but I am all for some cowboy loving. Do enjoy them Patti!

  4. I've read one cowboy romance-- blogged about it last week. I am now waiting for a werewolf cowboy romance. I need some paranormal goodness mixed in with a Western:)

  5. Blodeuedd: Thanks!

    Moonsanity: I'm headed over to check it out. A werewolf cowboy? Sounds good!

  6. Hey honey, I read Ms Miller's other cowboy loving, series. Her style is really good and the cowboys... Well, let's just say you will want to take them home with you!!! Hugs and love!

  7. Never was a fan of cowboys until I moved to Texas. Now seeing them in their tight, TIGHT Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots and ginormous belt buckles, I gotta admit the truth - their hawt. Enjoy and share!!

  8. "their" ... "they're". I just died inside a little bit.

  9. Cecile: I'm glad to hear that - I'm looking forward to reading these!

    Hannah: LOL, makes me want to go back to Texas!

  10. I have read this series and I think you will enjoy it. I have never read one of her books I didn't enjoy.

  11. I've read this series and enjoyed it very much along with the rest of her work. Lorelei James is another great choice, Claire Thompson and T.A. Chase have written some great stories about cowboys.

  12. Estella: That's good to hear,thanks!

    Leni: I've read Lorelei James (2 books) but not the other authors - I'll have to check them out - thanks!

  13. Teresa Medeiros has a western historical book called Nobody's Darling if you like her writing.

  14. I have read the last three in the McKettricks series...

    They breed in lots of three's as I understand...

    I read, Tate, Garrett and Austin - but I really really enjoy, Lael Miller style is fun, so I imagine those would be good as well...

    happy reading hon.. Have you tried Lorelei James books yet, she does very hot cowboys..


  15. Tiffany: I haven't tried her, thanks for the tip!

    EH: LOL, I do think they breed in three's :) I've read two Lorelei James books, I definitely want to try more!