Sunday, September 19, 2010

Molly Harper's New Covers are out!!!

Yay - huge fangirl squee-ing over here! I think it's pretty obvious that Molly Harper could write a book about how to properly clean your shower and I would buy it. I'm a huge fan of her Nice Girls series and loved her contemporary romance, And One Last Thing...

I knew from her website she had another paranormal series coming out - this time it's werewolves - and today she released the covers!!!

Taken straight from her blog:
Even in Grundy, Alaska, it's unusual to find a naked guy with a beartrap clamped to his ankle on your front porch.

But when said guy turns into a wolf, recent southern transplant Mo Wenstein has no difficulty identifying the problem. Her surly neighbor Cooper Graham-who has been openly critical of Mo's ability to adapt to life in Alaska-has trouble of his own. Werewolf trouble. For Cooper, an Alpha in self-imposed exile from his dysfunctional pack, it's love at first sniff when it comes to Mo. But Cooper has an even more pressing concern on his mind. Several people around Grundy have been the victims of wolf attacks, and since Cooper has no memory of what he gets up to while in werewolf form, he's worried that he might be the violent canine in question.

If a wolf cries wolf, it makes sense to listen. Mo is convinced that Cooper is not the culprit. But if he's not responsible, then who is? And when a werewolf falls head over haunches in love with you, what are you supposed to do, anyway? The rules of dating just got a whole lot more complicated.

Again from her blog:

Generations of werewolves have been secretly residing in a secluded valley a stone’s throw from Grundy, Alaska. So when a snooping Outsider comes to Grundy to investigate rumors of lycanthropic shenanigans in the area, the valley’s pack Alpha, Maggie Graham, resolves to chase him away, even if doing so takes a quick bite in the butt.

What a pity that researcher Nick Thatcher turns out to be so drool-worthy, and that his kisses make Maggie want to sit up and beg. Maggie just can’t seem to convince Nick to leave . . . and even worse, she can’t convince herself to stay away from him. Cross-species dating is problem enough for a harried Alpha female, but on top of that, a rival group of werewolves is trying to move into the valley.

With interpack war threatening, Maggie can’t afford to be distracted. Combining romance and a career can be tough for anyone; for a werewolf in love with a human, it may be disastrous...

Can. Not. Wait!!!


  1. OMG!
    *dies from overdose of cute covers*

  2. Hmmmm... I might get these for Voodoo Bride

  3. Blodeuedd: I know - they're adorable, right?

    Sullivan McPig: LOL, is this her type of story?

  4. As you said: Can. Not. Wait. I LOVE Molly Harper...she is awesome!

  5. Have not read Molly Harper. Looks like my TBR pile will be growing again.

  6. Those are cute! I’ve only read one book by her (which I adored), but hope to read more.

    I'm fan-girl sqeeing right with you, Patti!
    I would like more books in the Jane Jameson series, but a brand new UF from Ms. Haprer is just as good!

  8. Chris: yes, they're adorable!

    Julie: Yup, me too!

    Estella: I love her stuff - you should definitely give her a try!

    Christie: Which book did you read? She's great!

    Danielle: I hope she's doing more Nice Girls books! This one should be good too :)

  9. I'm practically hyperventilating I'm so excited. When does this series come out?

  10. Yes! I didn't know she was coming out this another paranormal series, but I am sooooo glad she is! I LOVED the Nice Girls series! :) Thanks for sharing! :)