Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Dangerous Desires by Dee Davis

From the author's website:
As the extractions expert for A-Tac, an elite CIA black ops unit masquerading as faculty at an Ivy League college, Drake Flynn knows how to survive behind enemy lines. But he’s about to meet one adversary he can’t subdue . . . or resist.

Stranded in the Colombian jungle after a mission goes bad, Drake has only one objective: evade the mercenaries hot on his trail and deliver “the package” to U.S. officials. But “the package” has a mind of her own, and she has no intention of trading one set of captors for another. Madeline Reynard is beautiful, headstrong, and hell-bent on escape after years as a crime lord’s pawn. She’ll risk everything for freedom, even if it means deceiving the dark, handsome soldier who now holds her life in his hands.

Drake has been burned too many times to let a woman manipulate him, especially a secretive one like Madeline. Even so, they cannot deny the attraction between them. Now as enemy forces close in, Drake and Madeline must trust each other with their lives—or face certain death.


When I read the first book in this series, Dark Deceptions, I was trying something new, as "special ops"-type books are not usually my thing. I was pleasantly surprised, and have been looking forward to Dangerous Desires, the 2nd book in the A-Tac series.

Dangerous Desires did not disappoint! Drake was a great moody Alpha male. Burned at love and trust by another agent, he want's nothing to do with Madeline - he' sure she's untrustworthy from the get-go. I really, really liked Drake.

Madeline's story ripped my heart out... her attempt to help her drug-addicted sister lands her in a Colombian prison. She is released to a drug lord (her sister's source) and forced to do various jobs for him to pay off her sister's debts. Then she learns her sister is dead, and she knows she has to get out. Her attempt to contact the US Embassy ends in her contact's gristly death, and Madeline is ready to give up hope. Then, Drake Flynn comes charging into her room at the drug lord's compound....

The action in Dangerous Desires was high - the jungle adventures and fighting off the bad guys kept me turning the pages. Watching Drake and Madeline get to know each other while fighting for their lives was riveting and their physical relationship progressed at a satisfying pace. I liked them both and was rooting for their HEA. There was also a bonus HEA for them that was super sweet :)

There is still someone sabotaging the Unit's missions. My suspicion from the first book is still my suspicion in this book, and I'm ready to jump into the next book, Desparate Deeds, to hopefully find out who it is. Desparate Deeds takes a little turn from the first two books in the series, as the main character is a female member of the Unit. Based on the excerpt it's going to be good!

My rating:

This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I never read romantic suspense but I received Dangerous Desires for review and wound up really enjoying it! I have the first book on my shelf and then I'll read the third. I liked your review.

  2. I really like Cherry Adair's T-FLAC series, if you get a chance to read that.

  3. Never read a book like this, but I really should try it for once

  4. Great review Patti! I have this book coming to me! I hope all is well honey!

  5. I'm the same way I will put a book back if I see "special ops" I'm not sure why. But if you say its good then I trust you Patti *adds to list*

  6. I'm the opposite, I would pick it up because of the 'special ops' aspect. This series is on my tbb.
    Fabulous review, Patti! :)

  7. Mary: Me neither (re: romantic suspense) - but with this series I'm ready to read the 3rd book!

    Chris: I've seen Cherry Adair's books but never read one - they're good?

    Blodeuedd: I made a conscious decision to try something new and I'm glad I started with this series :)

    Cecile: Thanks - I hope you enjoy it!

    Smokinhotbooks: Yeah, I don't like those types of books, or at least I thought I didn't. Might have to give another series a try :)

    Janna: Hope you enjoy it!

  8. I thought so! And there's even a couple of them with wizards. :)