Saturday, August 14, 2010

How my book addiction broke my bed....

Fiction Vixen did a guest post over at My Overstuffed Bookshelf today that made me think about my bookshelves and how they broke my bed....

This is my TBR bookshelf. Each shelf is two rows thick. I've got it organized (sort of) by historical, paranormal, contemporary, and YA. This little shelf used to be next to my bed, between the bed and the wall. At the time, I had all my "keeper" books on the shelves and the TBR was piled on top. As you can imagine, it was a teetering, towering mess.

So, I went out and bought another cheapie shelf, moved this one to it's present location, and proceeded to move the big "keeper" shelf into the spot between my bed and the wall:

(don't laugh at my pig)

(Yes, it leans, and yes, that is my Edward doll standing on a rock my sister-in-law brought me from LaPush)

Well, unbeknownst to me, the big shelf was not only taller, but wider... If you look at the picture above my bed - that used to be centered over the headboard(and yes, that's only two of my three children, it's true what they say about the third child never having any pictures).

Anyhoo, I pushed over the bed to make room for the shelves. That's what anyone would have done, right? Well, apparently, this bed has three support bars underneath that hold the frame up, and when I pushed the bed over the support bars bent at an angle....Now, hubs and I are not petite, so when we "jumped" into bed - BAM!! Down that mattress went! Talk about scare the crap out of me (and hubs!)!

Luckily, hubs was able to fix it, and now has carte blanche to tease me about making room for more books...


  1. LMBO!!!

    I am worse trust me! I had a small one next to my bed. Then it got switched to a 5 shelf one. THEN it got moved to the dining room and add about 7 more 5 shelf bookcases. We don't have a dining room anymore. It is my library! HAHA
    My hubby says there is no more room, but I told him, there is the bathroom, bedroom, living room......

  2. That is so funny! Imagine how funny it would be if you had video fottage of it, lol!!!

    My books are all in my living room, but we are the point now of considering putting a bookcase in the bedroom as well

  3. I'm sorry, that is just too funny! LOL!

  4. Hahaha that is so funny and thank you for not being ashamed to share that with us :-)

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  5. Great story!! LOL. All though I don't keep that many books around, I can totally understand your need to sacrifice the bed for the books. haha

  6. haha Patti, your stories are as great as ever.

    I hope everything's good Hun!


  7. Lol, yes you made me laugh Patti :) That is my goal, to break a bed cos of books once day. I have many too buy it seems

  8. LOL..I love your story. And the fact that you only have 2 of 3 kids in pic made me LOLOLOLOL ;)

  9. LOL! Glad there were no injuries - I was picturing the bookcase toppling over on you guys in the middle of the night! O.O

  10. ' I was told in no uncertain terms - no more bookshelves in the house...

    NOT ONE MORE...!!

    I am just waiting for the dust to settle - I have my eyes a sweet little monster at Ikea...

    yup... come on dust settle already...



  11. LMBO!!!!!!!! That is all... LMBO!!!
    My mind seriously went other places that with this post!!!!

  12. LMAO I can't believe hubs allows a Edward doll in your bedroom.

  13. Amy J: I think I'm on my way to that extreme, LOL!

    Becky: Only a small bookcase in living room, I may have to take that over too!

    Scorpio: :)

    Paranormal Haven: Thanks!

    Fiction Vixen: It doesn't seem like a lot of books until I look at the pics!

    Hilda: *waves* It's all good hon!

    Blodeuedd: With as much as you read I could see it happeing to you too!

    Mandi: I'm such a bad mom!

    Chris: Youch, that would hurt!

    EH: LOL, I need another one - I wonder if hubs would notice?

    Cecile: Not smutty :P

    Julie: Thanks!

    Smokinhotbooks: In the room, yes, in the bed, no.

  14. LOL! That is a first that I've heard of books making a bed fall! :P Thanks for sharing your story! ;)

  15. I'm still snickering. OMG. I just broke my "China Cabinet". Oh maybe I'll have to post it. LOL

  16. Lily Child: It wasn't funny at the time but it's funny now :)

    Parajunkee: We didn't get a new bed if that's what you're after :)

  17. That is so funny!!!

    And BTW, don't you know you're suppose to make it so we can click on the pics for a biggie view??? I need to see a close-up of those shelves ;)