Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead

I feel like I've come full very first review was the previous 4 books in this series *reminisces about the old days (way back 10 months ago, LOL)*

I'm just going to toss all my thoughts into the air and let them land where they may:

Poor, poor Georgina. She just can't seem to catch a break. She's been the focus of all sorts of supernatural shenanigans over the past year, and to add insult to injury she's allowed herself to get roped into helping plan her dream guy's her good friend. So, yeah, I'd say she's entitled to feel a bit down.

She runs into some serious trouble and can't get out of it without her friends, both human and supernatural. I don't think Georgina realized what a great group of friends she had until this book. I loved the scenes showing her friends efforts to save her. The scenes from her past were an interesting view, like peeking through a window into her head.

I kind of see Georgina as the supernatural version of "the hooker with a heart of gold" (although she has sex for souls, not cash), and this book furthered that image. We saw how in her past she had a conscience and cared about the humans she interacted with. And in her present she continues to care, even though it hurts.

As far as characters go, I continue to adore Carter, although I can't really put my finger on why. And I thought it was sweet that he wore the hat Georgina had given him; I know that's silly but whatev, it's my review. And of course, his cryptic answers continue to infuriate me as much as they do Georgina. Jerome confuses me. He seemed to really care forher if you go by his efforts to assist her. But, I'm pretty sure he's behind Simone showing up in Seattle; I just can't figure out exactly why she was there - just to seduce Seth? I'm not buying it. It's got to be more than that. I also think he was behind Erik's "incident", though again, not sure why. He knew about Erik's talents before, I don't think he was suddenly scared of Erik's abilities. Speaking of Erik, I'm confused about the information he gave Georgina, in more ways than one.

And, finally, Seth. I'm really on the fence about Seth. I'm glad he seems to be getting his act together, but is it too little too late? I think he's doing the right thing though. (Does anyone else think Jerome was responsible for the photo? One of those "loopholes" demons are so fond of?)

Oh - and I really like Roman but I think he's a red-herring.

Loved this book - I give Succubus Shadows 5/5 stars!


  1. Great review! I really can't wait to get started on this series.

  2. Wanted to let all of you Richelle Mead fans know that we are working with her to get the word out about the Succubus series. Check out for a new Succubus video and more! AND we'll be posting new videos every 2 weeks or so :)

  3. I'm trying to remember which was the last book I read in this series. The whole thing with Seth made me sad for her. :(

  4. *Spoiler Alert* I was totally torn between guys in this book! I was happy with the ending but I dont think all will be well for long! Oh and Carter...I'm convinced he loves Georgie! *sigh then again there's Roman...when he knew she was going to Seth my heart hurt! This book was awesome! It makes me want the next book like NOW! but not a big surprise with Mrs. Mead! Great review girl!

    Oh and you know I'm wondering if well end this series with Georgie getting out of her contract and becoming human again?!?

  5. Great review! This series hurts my heart too. But at this point, I am so invested in the characters that I HAVE to read on.

    If you are interested, my reviews are here.

    Miranda ~ SweetVernal Zephyr

  6. Yes, I know I NEED to get this series!!!!! Great review Patti!!
    And from the comments, this is a great series to read!
    Okay... will be going to the bookstore shortly!!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend honey!

  7. Skipped a lot, do not wanna spoil myself ;) But sounds good

  8. Patti I've only read book 1 ::sighs:: I've heard there are some muy angstie scenes with Seth and Georige in books 2-5 and I'm trying to give myself a pep talk to proceed onward.

  9. Great review. I really have to get my hands on this series soon!!

  10. Patti,

    I didn't read your review because I haven't got my copy yet - stupid book store. Grrr

    But I did skip down to see what you thought about it. 5 out of 5? Woo-Hoo, I can't wait to read this one.


  11. "the hooker with a heart of gold" - HA! Such an apt description!

    I'm on the fence about Seth too. Before this book, I was firmly in the "I hate Seth" camp. But he's trying to do the right thing now... so long as he does some serious groveling and attempts to win the 'boyfriend of the year' prize in the next (and last!!!) book.

    Great review.

  12. 5/5 stars, wow! I've already moved the first book in the series up on my TBR based on K.C. review of it the other day...I'm thinking I should go ahead and get the other books? Because I'm prolly going want to read those straight away?

  13. Buckeye Girl: Thanks, it's a really great series!

    Rachel: Thanks, I'd love to see more on this series!

    Chris: Yes, Seth made me sad/mad too but I still enjoyed her other adventures (and twists to her story)

    Monroe: I think Carter loves Georgina too, but I'm not sure it's in "that way" but I do love Carter! I have my suspicions about the ending :)

    SVZ: Thanks - I HAVE to read on too - I'm addicted!

    Cecile: Yes, you have to read this series - it's great!

    Blodeuedd: Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Smokinhotbooks: You've got to read the rest - even with the angst the storylines are soooo good!

    YA Vamp Books: Thanks. I'd say read it soon!

    Michelle: I know, my bookstore takes forever to get stuff in too - both the B&N and Borders; it makes me crazy sometimes! And yup, I loved this book!

    Danielle: I didn't think Ms. Mead could turn me, and she hasn't yet, but I am leaning in that direction, LOL!

    Donna: Yes, I love this series and this book is great - keeper shelf material! I read the first 4 back to back.

  14. Wonderful review hon!
    I so can't wait for the next book.