Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Random Bookishness...

Just a couple of bookish thoughts:

I first asked this question on twitter but it's hard to explain in 140 characters or less. In trying to avoid spoilers for any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, let's say that one of the brothers's Shellan dies. And that Ms. Ward has hinted there may be a new mate at some point in the future. How does the name tattoo thing work?

Do they scratch a line through the first wife's name? Turn it into a bunch of flowers? Talk about a constant reminder of the first wife, right? That's gotta be worse than looking at her picture all over the house... Or maybe the new wife gets her name across his chest? 'Cause the kids names go on their backs too, right? Or was that just a one-time thing for Nalla?
My next thought is this: It drives me nuts when authors use ethnic characters who think/speak words and phrases (usually insulting ones) in another language (for example, Italian) and don't put in a glossary. Although I know it probably wouldn't be good for sales to have an Italian/English glossary of curse words in the front of the book....maybe they could put in italics what it means behind the phrases as they pop up in the story? Or at the end of the book? Maybe I'm the only one who wants to know....I mean, I kind of get the general idea but still....
Okay, this one is a weird question. I've noticed I've been having pain in my left wrist the last couple of weeks (I'm right-handed) and I've also noticed that's the hand I use to hold my book or kindle when I'm reading. Coincidence? Anyone else have this problem? I don't like to read in bed so I sit in a chair and prop my left arm up and hold the pages open while I read (duh - obviously!) but you know how those paperbacks can be tight if you're like me and don't want to break the spine. I'm wondering if I have "book wrist" instead of "tennis elbow".


  1. I love how you put it as book wrist! I have the same problem! LOL

    And yes, it would be on his back like this:

    Amy J

    LMAO!!!! I know who you are talking about in the book and he is mine girl!!! I am a huge T fan!


  2. Patti,

    Maybe the new wife's name would replace the old wife's name and the old wife's name would move somewhere else - and be smaller. But then, I don't know how I would feel about that as the new wife. But if the old wife's name completely disappeared - I don't know how the brother would feel about that - cause the only reason he took a new wife is because the first one makes my head hurt a little. LOL

    As to the second - I agree. I hate it when words or phrases are used and I don't know what they mean. If my daughter is near with her lap top I get her to look them up on urban dictionary. LOL If not, then I do it myself.

    And to the third - 'book wrist' sounds like the proper diagnosis - however, I am not a doctor - nor do I play one on tv. But I watch tv - so there ya go. :)

    Have a great day. :)


  3. LOL A new musculoskeletal condition for us e-book readers, "e-book overuse syndrome". I haven't found that yet because I read a combination of paperbacks/hardcovers and try to vary my e-book reads on my laptop and e-reader.

    As for the tattoo thing, good question. Maybe it could be Shellan #1 and Shellan #2 carved into the skin.. - yikes. It sort of defeats the whole 'mated for life thing though'. But oh well, fiction.

    As for the use of other languages in books, that doesn't bother me too much, because it forces me to look up the phrase. What drives me nuts though is acronyms and text messaging without any explanation. I call it acromial psychobabble, and the book usually hits the wall.

    Great post Patti!

  4. Huh, never thought about that...I am sure she will say like oh it disappeared and the new name can be shown, tsk, would be stupid. The name that was there should be there.

    Can't help you with the wrist thing.

    Words, oh how they can be annoying. I mean why sprinkle them in the text when you all are speaking Italian anyway..other times I get it, but I do wish to knwo what they mean

  5. Wow, that's a really good good question about the old name! Huh.

    I mostly read my ereader with it in my bookstand, because it doesn't take much to make my wrists ache. Hardcovers would do it, too.

  6. Well....I'm mad at on to the questions LOL

    Book Wrist...yes I have it also.

    Now for why I'm mad at you....I have been avoiding all talk of the BDB like the plague because I want to now NOTHING!!!! But, since I HAD to come check out your blog....wait!!! Is is who I think it is that gets a new shellan.....boy I hope so!

    Well enough BDB babble from me....can't wait till the 27th!

  7. Hey girl I have that problem with my wrist too off and on so your not alone! Looks like several others have it too ah the perils of book junkies huh LOL. We suffer for our passion too!!!

    You know my hubby so wanted to get my photo or name tattooed on him and I talked him out of it because if anything God forbid were to happen to me I don't think it would be really great if he got married again for his new intended to have to look at my photo or name on him all the time. So I agree totally with ya there.

    The explitives in other languages I'm with ya there too sometime I can get the jest of what they are but it's kind of a pain to have it there and not to let us know what it means. We all aren't bilingual they should think about that lol.

  8. I'm not a fan of the name tattoo and this is why. How awkward.

    The other languages should be explained in the back of the book. I definitely agree with you there, it's annoying.

    The wrist pain is luckily staying away from me, but maybe that's because I mainly read in bed and let the book or ereader rest on the pillow or blankets. Maybe you could try using a pillow on your lap?

  9. lol - name tattoo. Best example, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. Now for the rest of his life, Mr. Depp has 'Wino Forever' on his arm. lol
    But in the context of BDB - I *really* want Tohr's book. Because I think he and his future shellan have the biggest hurdles to overcome... and I do want to see how the Warden tackles his love for Wellsie with new feelings for someone else.

    With the wrist thing - it could definitely be tendonitis. One of my co-workers got it from using a stapler too frequently with their left hand. Their doctor said that any action you do repeatedly can cause inflammation of the tendon. Def get it checked out!

  10. Amy J: glad to know it's not just me! And I love T too, hope he gets a break in this book.

    Michelle: LOL, that's a good idea if they could move it. Love your reasoning behind agreeing with my self-diagnosis.

    Lea: LOL, if I'm near a computer I'll look it up but yesterday I wasn't :(

    Blodeuedd: If it's true, I hope she comes up with something believable.

    Chris: Bookstand? I just googled them and I want one!!!

    Kris: Wow, I'm surprised it's book wrist - I was just grasping at straws. It's not like I'm going to stop reading, LOL! I don't know any BDB info, I only hear rumors....

    JennJ: We do suffer for our passion, LOL! I'm against name tattoos too. I've got one that represents me and hubs but it's not names, it's a sun and moon.

    Janna: The more I think about it they should put a glossary in the back of the book, 'cause I want to know how to curse in other languages!

    Danielle: I'm curious to see how she handles it; definately looking forward to it. Tendonitis, hmmm...I guess I need to just switch hands but I like having my dominant hand free (hehe, I said "dominant" *snickers*)

  11. Wander over to my place and search for ReadUpon - that's the best kind I've tried, but... it's not made anymore. BUT - I think you could put one together with an acrylic cookbook holder, a throw pillow sized beanbag, and some velcro... 'cos that's all it is.

  12. I get book thumb -trying to keep book open, without hurting spine. This is why everything needs to be on Kindle!!! :)

    I think the new Shellan will just go below the first one. He would def still want the first one always on there. I want his book!!!

  13. "'cause I want to know how to curse in other languages"

    Lol, I can help you out with the Dutch curses if you want ;)

  14. I have not read BDB *ducks head in shame* so I can’t comment on the tattoo question.

    As for the foreign language thing I relate. I’ve been known to google the phrase because I just can’t continue without knowing. If it’s Spanish or Italian I ask my hubby (even if that means calling him at work LOL). He speaks Spanish fluently and can usually figure out Italian because they’re close. I just cross my fingers and hope it isn’t something really dirty. He likes to call me a perv because some of my book covers are questionable LOL The author could always put a little star and footnote at the bottom for us readers that don’t speak 10 different languages ;)

    I haven’t had pain from holding my kindle but it does happens with books.

    I swear I’m bumping the BDB up on my TBR pile with how much everyone raves about the series.

  15. Chris: will check it out - def need one for work (I read at lunch).

    Mandi: I do love my kindle! I'm looking forward to his book too.

    Janna: Dutch curses? Hmmm...hubs doesn't know any Dutch = Perfect!

    Mama Bookworm: You haven't read the BDB? Oh, you're gonna love these guys!! That's cool you can call and ask hubs about the phrases, I like to know that kind of stuff :)

  16. "Dutch curses? Hmmm...hubs doesn't know any Dutch = Perfect!"

    LOL! To keep him from learning them too I better don't spill them here ;) Just email me if you need them :D