Friday, April 9, 2010

Review: Can't Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards

This book falls into my New Author Reading Challenge.

The cover of this book caught my eye - I don't know why but I think it's really sexy. I think it's the bare feet and long jeans (sorry, Hannah, I know how you are about feet!). Maybe it's that the model looks tall - you know how I am about tall men.

Miranda Wake is a food critic. She's apparently very good at what she does, and has a reputation as a tough cookie. Adam Temple is a chef who's finally opened his own restaurant. At the press soire a few nights before the grand opening, Miranda has a few too many drinks and starts to insult Adam, who replies with a challenge to come into his kitchen to see what it's like from the other side of the table. He doesn't expect her to accept, but she does. The PR people for both Miranda and Adam love it - all the free publicity - and the challenge turns into Miranda spending a month in Adam's kitchen. Miranda plans on writing a tell-all book about her experiences in the kitchen, using the proceeds from the book to finance her younger brother Jess's college tuition.

After a very prickly start, Adam and Miranda realize they're attracted to each other. The scene where he takes her to his home to teach her to cook was soooo sexy! I really liked Adam's character and didn't want Miranda to publish her book. Every time she started having second thoughts, I thought to myself "Don't do it! Don't do it!".

This book had an unexpected secondary romance that I absolutely loved - Miranda's younger brother Jess. He's 19 (I think) and comes home from college due to an unexplained difficulty. As it is revealed that Jess is gay, the romance that blooms between Jess and Frankie, Adam's very good friend/manager, was a delight to read. Miranda's reaction to the relationship was realistic and the events that followed had me rivited. I think I liked the Jess/Frankie storyline as much as I liked Miranda/Adam's!

I thought the very end of the book was a *teensy* bit over the top in a spectacular way, but other than that I really, really enjoyed this book - I give Can't Stand the Heat 4 1/2 stars.

Her next book, On the Steamy Side, just released and I plan to read it very soon.


  1. This sounds like a must read! I'm putting this one on my list :) Great review.

  2. This one sounds really good, I must add to list. Great review, Patti! I also love me some tall menz. :)

  3. *FEET?* Noooooooo!!

    I give you a TINY bit of credit though, the jeans with the bare feet means it probably close to bidness time. And I like bidness time.

  4. Too funny! I was just thinking this cover is hot b/c the bare feet and jeans! lol Great review girl! :o)

  5. You will not be surprised that the secondary storyline intrigues me the most. ;)

  6. Buckeye Girl: It was a quick read, very enjoyable.

    Mar: Another tall menz lover? Yay!

    Hannah: I knew you'd get icked out! And who doesn't like bidness time?

    Monroe: Yup, it's a good cover!

    Chris: I'm not surprised at all. I loved their romance and I think we'll see them again in book 2 (I hope!)

  7. I need to read some contemporary books, haven't read any in ages..ok fiction, but not romance

  8. Hi Patti,

    Great review and now I want to read this book even more!

    Love the cover and I have added this and "On the Steamy Side" to my TBR list!

  9. when books have secondary romances as I think "great, 2 for the price of 1". I must read this one.

  10. LOL I'm not surprized that Chris is intrigued by the secondary storyline. lol

    Thanks for an excellent review of what sounds to be a lovely romance Patti!

    *sigh* It's on my list. I have to stop blog hopping. lol

  11. Yay! I loved this book too. 100% agree with everything you wrote - I actually liked the Jess/Frankie relationship a teensy bit more (get ready for their return in 'On the Steamy Side'. Woo-boy). And I agree about the over-the-top, WTF? ending. lol

    Great book, fabulous review.

  12. What Chris said, although I do love steamy kitchen romances. Could be a food thing. :)

  13. I have had this book on the TBR nearly since its release. I should read it sooner than later. It sounds so fun. Plus I've read a few really great reviews for the second book lately too! That's always a plus! ... and a motivator! Thanks for the review.

  14. Blodeuedd: If you're looking for contemporary,this one was great!

    Pops: the man on the cover, of course!

    Razlover: Thanks -hope you like it as much as I did ;)

    Smokinhotbooks: 2 for 1 - you're right, LOL!

    Lea - I have the same problem, blogging vs. reading!

    Danielle: More Frankie and Jess? Woo Hoo!

    Kris - I'm not surprised you agree with Chris, LOL!

    Christine - you should read it - it was very good!

  15. The secondary storyline convinced me ;) I'm adding this to my to-buy list. Nice review! :D

  16. Janna: I love Jess and Frankie!

  17. This book sounds fun!! I like all the romance on your blog :)

  18. Carrie: It was a lot of fun. Glad you like it; thanks for stopping by!