Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you Swap?

I have a very small area in my bedrooom where I can keep books. Therefore, I swap books (this is why a book has to be really, really good - or signed- to make my keeper shelves). I use my local used bookstore enough that they recognize me when I come in. She doesn't always take all my books though, so I decided to try PaperBack Swap.

Here's what I'm finding: PaperBack Swap is good if you have newly released books to get rid of and want older releases in return. For example, my copy of Pleasures of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole was snatched up before I could even refresh the homepage; there are over 200 people waiting for this book.
BUT, for books I am wishing for, it's not as quick. Here's a snapshot of my wish list:
Impossible by Nancy Werlien: I'm #9, they estimate a three week wait. Not so bad, right? (Although I'm a bit confused b/c on Friday it was only a two week wait.)
Patience by Lisa Valdez: I'm #224, they estimate a 25 week wait. That's six months, but okay.
The Summer of You by Kate Noble: I'm #91, they estimate a 46 week wait. Uh-oh, that's almost a year.
Wicked Burn by Beth Kerry: I'm #78, they estimate a 78 week wait. Ouch!
The Beast in Him by Shelley Laurenston: I'm #149, they estimate a 149 week wait. That's 3 years!!!
Then there are several books on my list they won't even give an estimated wait time for. :( I think the trick is to request them as soon as the book title is released, before the book ever goes on sale.

HOWEVER, you can get some older or less "in demand" books immediately:
Taimed by a Laird by Amanda Scott should be on its way to me soon.
Tumbling Through Time by Gwen Cready should also be on its way soon.

They have The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne, A Duke to Die For by Amelia Gray, and Compromised by Kate Noble ready to trade!

And, they apparently offer a few books to buy new through their store - I just bought Revealed by Kate Noble for less than $3.00 - New!!

The problem is that if you have older books listed (like I do) no one is taking them so you don't get the credits to get what you want. I think you can buy credits for $3.50 each if I understand the site correctly. I think if I didn't have my local used bookstore I would probably use PBS, but I'm more of an "instant gratification" kind of girl so once I've decided which books I want to use my credits on, I probably won't use it unless it's a book my used bookstore won't take and I can find someone on PBS who wants it.

Sooooo, I'm glad I can get some of the books they don't have in my local bookstores (why don't they carry the first book in series?), but am frustrated at the wait time for some of the books I want.

How about you? Do you swap? Or do you keep every book you buy? Even if you didn't care for it?


  1. Patti I used to just take all my books to Half Price and get a few dollars for them, now I do use PBS and have the same problem you do the wait... I do however have too many books and have even gotten rid of some I thought would not go and the ones I thought would be snatched up I still have.. Either way swapping is a better way to recycle for me right now because for once I have my own bookstore waiting on me to read in my shelves at home so no hurry so much anymore to get new books...

    jackie b central texas

  2. Hi Jackie, my used bookstore doesn't give cash, they give credit towards more books. A lot of times I can snatch up new releases, or grab books that I'm missing in a series. I usually use my whole credit at each visist, LOL!

  3. Occasionally I take books in to one of the numerous used bookshops in my area (I am SO spoiled, I know). More often, I'll hold a giveaway in which winners can pick the books they want. Sometimes, if I thought the book was horrible, I'll toss it into the bag going to the thrift store.

    Sounds like I should get off my butt and read Wicked Burn, then release it into the world, huh?

  4. I do divide my books between PBS, my local used bookstore and the library. PBS I like to have credits because there are older books I want to get that I can't get at bookstores (out of print) or have run out of patience to find at a used bookstore. I've gotten a lot of wishlist books this way actually.

    I tend to send to my Used bookstore, but less and less since my credit is $500+ currently XD

  5. I dont keep all my books...if I dont think Ill reread them or if they werent the best Ill trade them in at my UBS. My UBS normally takes everything I bring them...I dont get much but its better than sitting on my self collecting dust! ;)

  6. I need to start swapping hubs is getting pissy that my books are now taking up two rooms.

    My only hesitation is the added cost of sending the books.

  7. Assuming the book isn't gawd-awful, I tend to give the So. Cal. Bloggers first crack at it when we get together. Our get-togethers always involve a book swap :)

    Whatever they don't take, I then post on PBS. The older books don't get snapped up right away - but I tend to let them sit there, and sure enough - after a while some of them have been claimed.

    I don't tend to wish list new books on PBS. The wait is just too long. Plus, if I want a book bad enough, I'm more inclined to just go out and buy it new OR get a copy from work.

    Mostly I use PBS for out-of-print books. Oh, and older Harlequins. It's a treasure trove for Harlequin-junkies like myself.

  8. I definitely swap! I love PBS and get tons of my books from them. I know what you mean about the long waits. Often if a book has a really really long wait, I'll get it on kindle, if available. I don't know what I'd do without PBS!

  9. I have a PBS account, but haven't used in months. I recently went in and deleted all of my posted books...they have been sitting there for ages. I took the entire lot to the library for donation. I live in a smaller town that doesn't have a book store and only one used book store. The owner gives you credit towards his books for your books, but you can only use the credit for 50% of your purchase. And his romance section is kind of lacking. I haven't been able to find a specific book there in a while. It is really only good for me if I don't have a specified title in mind. And with PBS the wait time can be very lengthy so if it is a book that I really have to have I will try to get it for my Kindle versus paperback. I have kind of promised my husband not to bring any more print books into the house before weeding out more of my 100+. It doesn't help that my mother is just as much of a reader as I am and is constantly sending me more books. I won't be lacking for books for quite a while.

    I borrowed Wicked Burn from a friend last year and have been jonesing for my own copy since. It is currently on sale @Amazon for $6. I avoided shipping fees by also buying Lover Mine, which we all know is a going to be a keeper. And then I added another book that I wanted. That will be the extent of my print book buying for a few months.

  10. I use bookmooch, but it is had to find books I want, and of course I haev to send books too, and to send them out of Europe is more expensive than the book itself :(

  11. I would love to be able to swap! But I live in Canada and some of the stuff is limited, and I can't participate.

    However, I do try to donate my books, to either the library, or women's shelters.

    Sometimes I give them out to people at work, and now that I remember, my friend is have a garage sale this weekend where the proceeds are going to a charity near and dear to her heart.

  12. I swap every day! I only keep the books I absolutely loved.

    I used to use PBS but have now started using Goodreads swap. :)

  13. Chris: Occasionally I'll do the same thing, but I usually try the used bookstore first.

    Lexie: You have a $500 credit at your bookstore?!? Wow!

    Monroe: That's usually my criteria - Will I reread them?

    Smokinhotbooks: When I started fearing the books would fall over onto my kids I knew it was time to get rid of some of them!

    Wendy: Hmmm...maybe we need a Louisiana bloggers meeting because your So Cal bloggers sound like fun. And I suppose I must at least try to be patient with PBS :)

    Julie: So far I'm waiting but I know it won't last long, LOL!

    Heather: That's pretty cool you and your mother swap books! And thanks for the Amazon tip - $6 for Wicked Burn? I'm there!

    Blodeuedd: Too bad they don't have some sort of swap system for Europeans only. That would save a lot of $$ I think.

    Natasha: Donating to women's shelters is a great idea - I will keep that in mind, thanks!

    Mandi: Goodreads swap? May have to check into that...thanks!

  14. Wow, I have learned a lot from this post! Thanks Patti!!!!

    I do not PBS.... (wonder if they have a site like that for hubs??) LMBO! Yea, I know ~ not nice, lmbo! Still it was funny!!!

    Well, I learned a lot! Thanks! Hope all is going well honey!

  15. Sucks that the online book swap is only for US residents. But I think now that publishers are sending me books (yay!) I'll start doing online giveaways - or just gifting my blog friends with them. I don't have enough shelf space! GRR.

    P.S. - I am SO jealous that you are reading 'Lover Mine'! My copy hasn't arrived yet and I am going insane not reading all these reviews! ARGH!

  16. Cecile: Girl, you are so naughty! Thanks for the laugh!!

    Danielle: I didn't realize it was only for US but I guess that makes sense. I noticed you've become a publisher's darling (can you see my green envy all the way over here?), LOL :)

    My Lover Mine arrived last night, hope yours arrives soon!

  17. I am with Blodeuedd - I use Bookmooch as well - but older books are like crazy to find..

    I visit ALOT of second shops, and sales.. so I sometimes feed my addiction that way..