Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family Time and Grown Up Time

I got home from work this afternoon, and my 3yo runs up and hugs me and tells me she has to go to the bathroom. I escort her to the bathroom, where she's going to "be awhile", so I head into the kitchen to help hubs with dinner. A few minutes later we hear this:


Yes, she reads (okay, looks at pictures, really) on the pot and had dropped her bookmark. It was really very cute.


I always assume no one is paying attention to what I read. Well, apparently hubs has been paying attention to what I've been reading, because when I walked into the bedroom after helping the Littlest Book Addict find her bookmark, I found this:

Yup, that's what it is. Not sure it will ever do anything besides grace my bookshelf, but you never know..... *winks*


  1. OH It's a pretty one! I hope you at least try it once :D

  2. LOL - I guess you can't say that he doesn't pay attention, eh?!

  3. The story about your daughter was precious.

  4. OMG that is priceless. Little Ms Book Addict!!!!! Too cute!!!

    And hubbsss... thumps up hon!! Great job!!!! And yea right Patti.. on the shelf.. sure... **evil wink** I think hubs might be really reading your boooks... and gathering up information!!

  5. Natasha: I don't know about that... ;)

    Chris: I haven't decided if it's good or bad that he's paying attention, LOL!

    Moonsanity: LOL, if my teenager found it, I don't know who would be more embarassed - me or him!!

    Lynette: Thanks!

    Cecile: She cracked me up the first time she asked for a bookmark - I didn't know she knew what they were. And I don't know how hubs knew about my reading habits.... ;)

  6. Hubs is hiding more than we think **Evil wink**

    Hummm wonder what stash of smut he got his hands on... and wonder if you will tell us **giggles**

  7. Ha ha ha ha - nice to know hubby is paying attention!

  8. Took me some time to get it too, kept staring, looked at it a big bigger and oh ;)

  9. Cecile: "evil wink" is rigt - he's sneaky, that one!

    Danielle: I'll never underestimate him again, LOL!

    Blodeuedd: haha - it took me a minute and I was looking at the actual item ;)

  10. I love the way it is presented on the white cloth.

    Now, between you and me, I promise to never tell, when you use it in on J, call me so we can talk. *wink*

    Or just beat on BB with it. Either way, good times!

  11. Your daughter sounds adorable! As for the hubby I’m starting to think they do pay more attention than we give them credit for LOL

  12. At first I thought 'Am I the only one who doesn't see what it is?'. Then came Blodeuedd with her remark of the enlarged picture and yep, when I tried that I could finally see what it is too! Wow! :)
    Nice going, Mr Book Addict! Have fun with it, hon! ;)

  13. Hannah - I hadn't thought of using it on the kids - brilliant! (And you always said you wouldn't make a good mom *winks*)

    Mama Bookworm: Thanks, she is adorable on occasion. And yes, he fools me with his ninja silence but he is paying attention!

    Janna: Wow is right! I was speechless! ;)

  14. Okay, the 3yo and her bookmark? Priceless! How cute is that!!!

    As far as hubby's gift... looks like a back scratcher to me!! ;p *naive in NJ*

  15. I'm going to admit my naivete here because I honestly don't know what that is. A riding crop? Or like Christine's guess a back scratcher? Please tell me!

    Love the your little girl's bookmark story! Learning her right by using bookmarks. ;) I despise dog-earring pages. Oh, and I'm glad the bookmark wasn't where I thought it might of been...LOL!

  16. Sweet Vernal Zephyr: *giggles*

    Christine and Donna: She cracks me up, I just think it's funny a 3yo wants her bookmark (I hate dogears too). And yes, the item in question is a riding crop. *blushes*

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  18. Yay! A lot of times, I can really dense so I'm glad it's a riding crop because then I'd feel real silly.

    I like your hubby's sense of thinking...is it a subtle hint maybe?