Monday, December 7, 2009

The Year of Living Shamelessly by Susanna Carr

Katie Kramer is in love with her brother's best friend, Ryder Scott. Not only is he her brother's best friend, he's practically part of the family. Katie is frustrated he doesn't see her as anything else than a little sister, so she makes a New Year's resolution to have a wild affair with Ryder. She changes her look to something sexier, goes on more dates than she would have normally, and flirts with Ryder.
At a Christmas party almost a year later, she hasn't had her wild affair with Ryder and she learns he is leaving the country on New Year's Day to take a job in Saudi Arabia. She can't believe he's leaving and she decides she's going to get together with Ryan before he leaves.
She learns that Ryan is into D/s and convinces a friend to go to a local D/s club. Ryan learns she's gone and goes chasing after her. He tries to convince her that she doesn't really want to be with him but she's not having any of it. They do get together, but he feels guilty (she's his best friend's little sister!) and tries to keep his distance. She pursues him and things are going well until he learns about her New Year's resolution and feels used. It's a race against time to see if Katie can convince Ryan her feelings are real before he's gone forever.

I enjoyed this book. Katie was cute and seems like she'd be a fun friend. Ryan seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Katie's brother was kind of a jerk and I wanted to smack him a few times. There were some funny scenes between Katie and Ryan, especially the one where he explained to her the extent of his D/s involvement. This was a fun read, it would be especially good as the holidays come around.


  1. Hi patti,
    Sure sound like a fun read, and those are some cool shoes on teh cover lol

  2. Oh, I've got this book on my wishlist for a while now. After reading your thoughts I can't wait to go get it! Thanks for the wonderful review, girl!

  3. Ummm, you think I could get away with wearing those shoes to the party Saturday?

  4. I have seen this one at the store and I absolutely love the cover... And now that I have seen your review, my interest is piqued over this one. Hummm... Might have to check this one out...
    I hope you had a great weekend!

  5. This book kinda reminds me of the storyline to Lora Leigh’s ‘Dangerous Games’ – except that book also had a Navy SEAL espionage storyline.

    Anyway – sounds sexy, I will be adding it to my TBR pile. Great review.

  6. This sounds like a fun read, great for one of my reading challenges, it goes on my list. Great review!

  7. Books sounds so great and I have to have these shoes! Man these are gorgeous.