Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I was talking to my SIL the other day, and we were talking about the Friends To Lovers storyline. I said I really like that plot...and I also like Love Triangles, Marriage of Convenience, Enemies to which point she stopped me and said, "Maybe you should just list what you don't like!" I laughed and said "anything with a baby, 'cause that's too much like real life."

That got me to thinking about what I do look for in a story....I certainly enjoy the scenarios listed above, and Oh My Goodness I do love me a sexy Highlander. Alpha males? check. (Tats a plus) Kick-ass heroines? check.....weeeelllll, usually. I get frustrated when they're so kick-ass they forget they're human (if indeed they are human) and can't accept any help from others. I love, love, love vampire and shapeshifter romance. Fairies sometimes. I haven't read too many stories with witches, except for Kim Harrison's Hollows series, which I really like. Ghosts just don't do it for me. And, you know I can't resist a story set in New Orleans. It gets me every time!

I like historicals, and I've recently discovered contemporaries, which I like very much too. Futuristic? Not so much, which is why I keep shying away from trying Ann Aguire's Grimspace novels, even though I hear they are awesome. I should give them a try, as I did like Lauren Dane's Undercover...

I also shy away from Cowboy romance and anything that takes place on a ship, which is why, although I loved Goddess of the Hunt, I haven't been able to read the second book because it takes place on a ship! The third book sounds wonderful but I've got to read book 2 first and I haven't been able to make myself do it yet!

Okay, I'll also admit I'm lovin' the erotica (as long as the participants aren't related *cough* Coulters' Woman *cough*) - m/m? check. Menage? check. I've learned that I am a smutty, smutty girl! This would be another instance of my having the brain of a teenage boy  Smut = I loves it!!

I'm on the fence about YA. I like it, but it's not usually my first pick. There are a few YA series I love (hello Twilight and Vampire Academy) but for the most part I've resisted, which is probably a huge loss on my part. I've got a couple of YA in my TBR that have been sitting there yelling "pick me! pick me!" for awhile that I really should read.


  1. I'm like that about stories set in Minneapolis or even Minnesota. There are a lot more stories set in New Orleans, though! :)

  2. loved the post... im not a fan of contemporary romance =/

    you gotta try Ann Aguirre's Jax series... it truly is awesome =)))))

  3. Aue good points there ;)
    Oh yes, bring on the alphas

    As for me, not a mystery, murder, thriller kind of gal, but I love watching it on tv..if made in the Uk, I am so weird

  4. Were we twins separated at birth? I'm so with you on this list - except for the Highlanders. But then I'm Scottish, so the suspension of disbelief is just too much of an ask.

  5. I'm with you, I feel totally the same about these genres! Although I'm not quite sure what contemporary romances are... where to draw the line between contemp and other genres... I hope to find out participating in the Contemp Romance Challenge ;)!
    Great post hon!

  6. I know exactly what you mean - I am an extremely picky reader too.
    I'm actually every author's worst nightmare, because *I* think that *I* know what should be happening with a character's romance when I read the book, and if it doesn't go the way I want I get very frustrated and negative. It was like when I read Lauren Dane's 'Undercover' - all I wanted was some M/M action and because there was none I disregarded the whole book.

    Maybe if you don't like what's on offer you should try writing your own book? That's how most authors start out - just writing something that *they* would want to read.

  7. I know you said some pretty important stuff but I was distracted by all the beefcake.

    Dear Santa ... beefcake ... pleeeeeease!

  8. Chris - I guess it's because I can imagine the setting and what's going on, plus, it's pretty cool!

    Larissa - I didn't think I was a fan of Contemp either, until I tried one a few weeks ago!

    Blodeuedd - yes, I hear British TV is much better than ours.

    Tumperkin - yes, I understand - I hate seeing people do a bad New Orleans accent in movies and on TV! Drives me nuts!

    Janna - yes, I think a lot of the romances now are crossovers, if there is such a category.

    Danielle - "all I wanted was some M/M action" - LOL, me too!!! Oh, there's plenty of stuff out there for me to like, I've just got to be in the mood for the genre.

    Hannah - aren't you going to be at my house for Christmas? Then, yes, Santa, please bring beefcake!!!

  9. just dropped by to ogle your beefcake!!! phwaor!!

  10. Love your post! I wasn't into cowboy like stories either, till Pearl mentioned the Rough Rider Series of Lorelei James to me, I love that series! The only two genres I don't read often is YA and Urban Fantasy, but all the others yay as long as the hero is yummy!