Monday, December 28, 2009

More End-of-Year Musings...

Hmmm...I noticed I haven't posted a book review since Dec. 21 (shame on me!) I've still been reading, although not as much, but just haven't felt like reviewing anything I've read recently. I had a bit of a disappointing run and I hope I'm over it now. I don't know if it's just my general funk-ishness (work and home stress) or if the books just weren't that great, but I just feel lik if it's the first then that's not fair to the authors. If it's the latter, well, then, sorry I didn't warn you!! It really sucks because one of them I was really anticipating and it was just okay.

AND, I should just go ahead and shout it from the rooftops: I get to join the Cool Kid's Club ---> I got a Kindle for Christmas *squee* !!! (Thanks Mom and Dad) Is it scary that I've already put 72 books on it? Many, many thanks to Fiction Vixen for her tutorial on how to convert files to the Kindle-friendly version. I had a lot of books on my PC that I was able to convert, so I'm lovin' it! Also, I can read all the smut I want and don't have to try to hide the cover - Yay for modern technology!!

Richelle Mead is coming to New Orleans on January 16!!! I can't wait! The only complication is that my son (aka Book Mule) doesn't get off of work until 3pm and the signing starts at 5pm, which means we might be there awhile. I told him this is a good signing to attend as Ms. Mead has a lot of teenage girl fans :) And let me add here, if you haven't read her Vampire Academy (YA) or Georgina Kincaid (not YA) series - what are you waiting for?!?

received a few awards in December:

Minx at Loose Knickers and Window Lickers (I love that title!) and Janna at Erotic Romance Reader both awarded me the Over the Top Award. Thanks ladies!!

Here are the rules for this award:
1.) Thank and post URL to the blog that gave the award.
2.) Pass the award along to 6 brilliantly over the top blogs (blogs you love!) Alert them so they know to receive the award.
3.) Copy and paste this quiz... Change the answers, ONE word only. (2 are acceptable!)

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your hair? Brown
3. Your mother? Lovely
4. Your father? Chiapop!!
5. Your favorite food? Greek (for now)
6. Your dream last night? Weird
7. Your favorite drink? Margarita/rocks
8. Your dream/goal? Finish Degree
9. What room are you in? Office
10. Your hobby? Reading
11. Your fear? Failure
2. Where do you want to be in 6 years? European Vacation
13. Where were you last night? Sick
14. Something that you aren't? Skinny
15. Muffins? Huh?
16. Wish list item? Nothing
17. Where did you grow up? Southeastern US
18. Last thing you did? Work
19. What are you wearing? dress
20. Your TV? High Def
21. Your pets? 3 kittehs
22. Friends? A few
23. Your life? Very good
24. Your mood? Happy
25. Missing someone? Nope.
26. Vehicle? Blue car
27. Something you're not wearing? Suspenders
28. Your favorite store? Bookstore
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Don't remember
32. Your best friend? still Hannah
33. One place that I go to over and over? Crazy
34. One person who emails me regularly? Hannah
35. Favorite place to eat? Too many

AND, Collette over at A Buckeye Girl Reads awarded me the Happy 101 Award:

I'm supposed to list 10 thinks that make me happy (in no particular order):

1. My Family
2. My New Kindle *squee!!*
3. Going to the Museum
4. My collection of antique Mardi Gras beads
5. Going to the bookstore
6. Climbing into a freshly made bed
7. Driving my car
8. Getting books in the mail
9. Opening all the windows in the house
10. Blogging!
Thanks Collette!

Lastly, my December reads (I know there are still three more days until December is over but we're going to Houston on Wednesday so I don't think I'm going to be doing a lot of reading over the next few days. Here they are:

1. Glory in Death - JD Robb
2. Sweet Persuasion - Maya Banks
3. Getting Lucky - Susan Andersen
4. Just for Kicks - Susan Andersen
5. Colters' Woman - Maya Banks
6. Sweet Seduction - Maya Banks
7. True Confessions - Rachel Gibson
8. Highland Knight - Hannah Howell
9. Not Another Bad Date - Rachel Gibson
10. Soulless - Gail Carriger
11. Saving Grace - Julie Garwood
12. Shattered - Joan Johnston
13. To Desire A Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt
14. The Highlander - Heather Grothaus
15. Lead Me On - Victoria Dahl
16. Hot and Bothered - Susan Andersen
17. Sweet Restraint - Beth Kerry
18. It Happened One Night - Lisa Dale (currently reading)
19. Crossroads - Moira Rogers (currently reading)

Hmmm...I think that's everything! Have a good one!


  1. ARGH! So jealous! You got a Kindle and you get Richelle Mead?!?
    lol - I like the 'she has teenage fans of the female variety' ploy you're using on your son. Also maybe mention that Ms. Mead herself is a bit of a looker and I'm sure he'll be willing to stick around.

  2. What?!?! Only 72!?!?

    You are welcome!!

  3. Congrats on your awards, hon! When you're on your European vacation in 6 years, come visit me in the Netherlands if you're in the neighborhood... I'll show you the beautiful city of Amsterdam :)
    And I'm happy for you that you got a Kindle, yay! I got me a Sony ereader, hopefully it will be in the mail tomorrow, so I'm just as happy as you! :D Can't wait to take it everywhere with me...
    Great reading list too! I can't remember if you reviewed Sweet Restraint... or is it one of the last books that didn't work for you?
    Have a great turn of the year, sweetie and a Happy New Year!

  4. Congrats on the ereader! I probably have, um, 600 or so books on mine, but I've had it since April AND probably 1/3 of those are public domain classics that came preloaded on it.

    Bummer about the run of disappointing reads. That can really take the fun out of reading... I can think of a couple really excellent things I've read recently - let me know if you're interested in recs. Or just go poke around on my librarything (from my sidebar) for 4.5-5 star books.

  5. OH Patti!!! **squeal with you that you got your Kindle**

    Congrats on your awards,you know I think you deserve them all... because you so rock!!!

    Oh, Michelle coming to New Orleans... hummmm.... Is a Friday or Saturday??I have not read anything by her... but hummm...
    **Do I hear road trip... hum**
    I hope all is well... and sorry to hear about the funk. Been there, done that... sorry. But know that I am here if you ever need someone to chat with!
    Hugs to you honey!
    Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

  6. Patti Santa Hubs bought me a Kindle of Xmas, I'm so excited I brought it with me to work!

    Oh how I love Julie Garwood's historicals, you make me want to read The Secret again.

  7. Danielle - Yeah, I'm easy to hate right now, huh? :) Can't wait to see R Mead!

    ChiaPop - I'm working on it!!

    Blodeuedd - maybe now I can read my e-books with my family instead of stuck at my computer!

    Janna - would love to visit the Netherlands! Yay for your e-reader, I hope you get it soon! And yes, *sigh* SR was one of the books that disappointed me...

    Chris - thanks - I will definitely go poke around your site - thanks!

    Cecile - *squeee* Road trip!! That would be awesome!!! Do it, do it, do it (nothing like a little peer pressure, huh?) Thanks for the kind thoughts, hopefully this funk will be over soon...

    KC - Are you totally in love with your kindle yet? I named mine "Patti's Precious" when I registered it!

  8. Congrats on the awards AND the Kindle!

    You read 19 books in December?!?! That's crazy impressive.