Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whew, crisis averted!

I had to go out of the office for work today, and while I was out I decided to stop by my neighborhood B&N to grab Prey, out today. I reserved it quite some time ago and have been anxiously awaiting it.

Prey is the 4th book in Rachel Vincent's Shifter series. Faythe is a were-cat who has been having a hard time accepting her responsibilities to her pride and throughout the series I've enjoyed watching her grow and learn about herself and her family (and Marc - see my fictional boyfriend list at right). I loved the first three and can't wait to see what happens next.

So, I stroll in and ask at the desk if my copy is in. No, it's not in and they don't have me down as reserving a copy. It came out today and they haven't unloaded their trucks yet. Damn! Well, her site said many places have put her book out early (maybe because she's not as famous? Dunno.) so I go into the back to check the SciFi/Paranormal section. Nothing. I'm really disappointed and am thinking about trying another B&N and as I'm walking down the Romance aisle - THERE IT IS!!!!! It was already on the shelf, in Romance??!! Whatev. I've got it!!!!!

Don't call me tonight.


  1. Yes, they quite often put me in Romance. I have no idea why. ;-)

  2. your blog in my Google Alerts for "Jamie Fraser"...

    I will fight you over your first two fictional boyfriends...although I may let you have Mr. Darcy if you'll let me have Jamie. ;) I'm currently reading Voyager, so Jamie's forefront in my mind at the moment. :D

  3. Laugh stalker, I know you've been there (*cough library closed*cough)

    Ms. Vincent - I'm so glad I found it!

    Erika - I love that you have alerts for Jamie Fraser - he is a yummy, yummy man!