Friday, July 17, 2009

Rating System

My Rating System:

I loved this book!
I couldn't put it down - the kids are eating cereal for dinner
and the laundry is piling up until I'm done reading.
It's going on my keeper shelf!

I really liked this book.
It was hard to put down - I'll probably whip up something quick
to feed the kids and skip the non-essential chores
so I can get back to reading.

This was a good book.
I wasn't on the edge of my seat but I wasn't bored either.
The household chores are still getting done,
but I might cut a few corners.

This book was just okay. I'm not pushing back
any household obligations to read.

I really didn't like this book/Did Not Finish
I probably made up chores to avoid continuing to read.


  1. Ahh I just noticed we have the same rating image :O LOL! Fleur De Lis!

  2. Perfect. Easy to understand. Very well done Patti!