Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So, I read the first Bridgerton novel by Julia Quinn, The Duke and I, and loved it - I've written my review but not posted it yet. But now, I'm reading the 2nd book in the series, The Viscount Who Loved Me. What the hell? I LOVED Anthony in the first book - he was charming and caring and sweet. In the 2nd book? He's an ass.

And Kate? Ugh, how much does her life suck? She had to wait for her sister to turn 16 before they could "come out" together - so now she's 21 (practically a spinster) and is stuck on the sidelines watching her sister get all the attention.

I'm sure they'll end up together, but at this point (less than halfway through), I just hate Anthony and wish someone would be nice to Kate.... please tell me it's going to be okay.....

Update: Anthony did just ask Kate for a boon!!! (how I love a boon). Things are looking up...


  1. I really love Anthony! It gets better (as I'm sure you probably know by now!) But, yes, poor Kate always in the shadow of her beautiful little sister. Just wait until you get to Colin's story!

  2. I've loved Colin in both books so far - I hope his story is awesome!

  3. Colin's story is my favorite with When He Was Wicked a very close 2nd.

  4. Okay, I am wondering what a boon is??? I know I probably sound like an idoit, but I have no idea what that is!!
    And I have not read this series yet... but you guys know how to pull at the heart strings!! LOL!!

  5. A boon is a favor...I've seen the word used a lot in paranormal stories, and just as I love a "lair", "boon" is another of my chuckles. If my husband wants something I tell him he has to ask for a boon and then I might consider it!