Friday, July 10, 2009

Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning is my favorite of her Highlander Series. Gwen Cassidy is a 25-year-old genius who's having a life crisis and decides to take a bus tour of Scotland, hoping to find a guy to lose her virginity to. Little does she know it's a senior citizens tour! So, feeling frustrated, she leaves the group to wander the highlands and gather her thoughts. She falls into a ravine, and realizes she did not land on the ground - she landed on a man!
Drustan MacKeltar is a Druid and the laird of his castle. He wakes up, not knowing where he is, and there is a scantily clad woman straddling him. He does not know who she is or how he got there, but slowly realizes something else isn't right. It's 500 years in the future since his last memories! He must get to his castle, but when they arrive it's a ruin. He knows he must use the standing stones near the ruins to go back in time to save the castle and all it protects. He intends to take Gwen with him but has not shared this information with her.
On their way to the castle they've started to get to know each other, and attraction builds. Gwen wants Drustan to be the one to take her virginity. There is a very tender moment between them, then they go through the stones back into the 1500s, except Drustan disappears! She goes, naked, wrapped in Drustan's plaid, to the castle where Drustan's father lets her in. The next morning she shares her story with Drustan, who doesn't believe her. She spends the next few weeks trying to convince him of the truth, while also trying to prevent the death of his brother, which she had heard about in the future.
Finally, in a scene that was both funny and touching, he comes to believe her story and remembers. They spend some time together and she is content to live in the past with him. Except by her being there they have changed the past - and certain events do not unfold as they would have and she is hurtled back into the future, with out Drustan.
Ms. Moning takes us on a wild ride in this book. It's funny, romantic, and sexy. There are actually three happy endings to this story! I enjoyed all of her Highlander stories, but this one is my favorite - it has everything! I liked all the characters in at least two spots I caught myself going "Awwww! How sweet!"


  1. Hey Patti!

    I've only read one book in this series and that was 'Beyond the Highland Mist'. I didn't really enjoy it but I do have a couple others in my TBR pile.

    While I don't read much time travel, this one does sound like a fun escape read with a hot Highlander no less. *wink*

    Wonderful review too. I can tell that you really enjoyed reading 'Kiss of the Highlander'.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    ;) VFG

  2. VFG - Thanks! Her first three Highlander novels to me seemed different from the other four...Her Fever series ties into the Highlander books as far as the fae and druids; I read the Highlanders because of the Fever books. Her Fever series is one of my favorites, I've got them on book and audiobook!

  3. Do have to read the Highlander series to read and understand the Fever series??

  4. Nope. I read the Fever books first, then saw on her website how the Highlanders had a few tie-ins. They just give a little more background on one group of characters, you can read and enjoy the series without it. :)