Friday, July 31, 2009

Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Wow. What a ride. This book was great! Dark, very dark, but oh!

The book starts with Cat and Bones on a boat, taking a "gettin' away from it all" cruise to Paris. The only problem is, Cat's been having nightmares. When they arrive in Paris, Mencheres is waiting, with bodyguards. He informs her that her nightmares are being caused by another vampire, Gregor, "The Dreamsnatcher". Gregor has escaped from Menchere's prison and claims Cat is his wife, not Bones' and he wants her back. Apparently Gregor spent a month with Cat when she was 17, and married her, and she doesn't remember any of it.
Gregor attacks, and Bones locks Cat in a "safe room" while he fights back. She gets upset and takes matters into her own hands and purposely falls asleep so Gregor can snatch her while she's dreaming. In return he must stop the attack. She will take his blood so she can remember her time with him.
I'm not going to post any more of the plot, since the book has been out less than a week, but it was good. The action was great, there were some plot surprises I wasn't expecting. I will say that Cat and Bones need an intervention with Dr. Phil. Seriously. They spend a large portion of the book not communicating with each other.
My only complaint is that I like Tate and would have liked to have seen more of him. I liked Vlad's part in the book and Gregor was a real snake. There were quite a few pop-culture references tossed in that made me laugh. She left a few loose ends that I'm hoping she'll clear up in the next book.
I must also note, a plus for me is that parts of the book were set in New Orleans. I'm a sucker for a N.O. background. She did a good job (no wayward parades) and I liked the character they picked up while they were there.


  1. Great review. I love Tate too! :) LOL@ Dr. Phil. They really need to communicate better!! I was kind of iffy about all the fighting but when they had the big blow-up it was kind of worth it.

    If you like NO settings, have you read the darkhunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon? A lot of her books take place there.

  2. Oh,yes, I <3 the Dark Hunters! Can't wait for Fang's story...