Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Silliness: Thank you J.A. Saare!!

J.A. Saare is an author who's books I really like. Dead, Undead, or Somewhere In Between (my review) and Crimson Moon (my review) were both awesome (although I don't think Crimson Moon gets enough lurve).

Last month, I entered and won J.A. Saare's Halloween giveaway. If the contents of this box are any indication of her personality, Jaime is as much fun as I imagined ;) I was so surprised at how much stuff she managed to cram into this box:

(Obviously the Thomas the Train stuff was not in the box, LOL)
She sent books, e-books, movies, stickers, pens/pencils, candy, glow bracelets, and swag. She also sent an Amazon gift card. Here's what I got with that:

Yes, I have Stacia Kane's books on kindle but I wanted them in print too. And since PBS said I was still 47th on the list for Wicked Burn, I went ahead and got it. Also - my first graphic novel!!!

Even though I thanked her enough via e-mail to qualify for stalkerhood, I must say it one more time: Thank you Jaime - I still feel like I won the lottery!


  1. I'm a bit jealous right now. Congrats on all the goodies!!

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. Wow, that's just one awesome pile of goodies

  3. Wow, good swag!
    And you got Diana Gabaldon's 'The Exile'! Eep!

  4. I'm so glad it arrived safe and sound and that you got some stuff you wanted. :) By the way, the Thomas The Train could have come from my house -- my youngest son loves him!

  5. OH MY GOD THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    You DID win the Lottery!


  6. Awesome! Jamie is so cool! Enjoy your goodies :)

  7. Chris: Thanks, I sure was surprised!

    Stephanie: Thanks!

    Blodeuedd: I wanted to roll around it it (just kidding...maybe)

    Estella: She really outdid herself ;)

    Danielle: Yup - my first graphic novel!

    Jaime: Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

    Pamela: Agreed :)

    Christie: She really is very cool!