Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tales of the TBR

After a trip to the bookstore(s) on Saturday, I decided I really needed to get a handle on my TBR shelf. I have a 3-shelf bookcase with all my "keepers" on them (those shelves are overflowing) and the TBRs go on top. Well, they were starting to get a little precarious, listing slightly one way or another, so I decided this was the time to organize. I took a page from Cecile's book and decided to write in a pretty notebook what I have and what I want...(thanks to the heart-stopping Saints win I haven't gotten to write down the Want list yet!)

Here's what I have:

Paranormal: 48 books

Historical: 28 books

Historical Highlanders: 15 books

Contemporary/Erotic: 28 books

Total: 125 print books in my TBR

That does not include my Kindle which currently has a bit over 120 titles (some are "keepers" that I've already read so those don't really count, right? When you finish a book on your kindle to you save it or delete it - just curious) I know this is small potatoes compared to some of the TBRs I've heard about, but I'm surprised it's gotten so big - it's growing like one of my children!!!


  1. Lol, I love that historical highlanders have a pile of their own

  2. Wow, that is incredible! What an amount of books, and that is only your TBR list! I have close to 200 books in total, including TBR - you must have heaps. I am very jealous. Good luck on getting those books read

  3. lol - I appreciate that the Highlanders have their own pile, you ken?

    My, my that is a lot of erotica. 28? lol - not that I can talk, my new Kindle (ARGH! Much love!) is jam-packed with smutty books I was too embarrassed to order through my bookstore. Ha ha!

  4. Heh, I have a Sony so I don't have that problem. I keep EVERYTHING!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! [/mad laughter]

    Srsly, I had to be pretty strict with myself this year. I am DETERMINED to get a handle on the TBR pile this year. I'm stressing it about it. It's not fun.

  5. I haven't deleted any books off my Kindle yet..I however have become ruthless w/my paperbacks. If it is not a favorite it goes. Of course, my favorites are overflowing. And my tbr bookcase is jam packed. But I like it...I am surrounded in books. Yay. :)

    Go Saints!! The Colts beat my beloved Ravens last week.

  6. Darn those Saints.

    I have a different reader, but unless a book is really bad, I leave it on my reader. I have the space and I do like to reread. Um, I probably have 600+ books on my reader... not counting classics, which came with it.

    And we won't even talk about the paper TBR.

  7. Blodeuedd - those highlanders are in a class by themselves *sigh*

    Becky - I'm very picky about what I have in my Keep pile, it's not as large as you'd think.

    Danielle - LOL, I lumped the Contemporary and Erotica together as I don't really decid what constitutes erotica until after I've read it! And yes, I order smut for my kindle too!

    Sayuri - I don't know if there's a way for me to organize stuff on my kindle - that would make it easier. I'm a person who needs things to be neat and organized!

    Mandi - I love my paperback book store - I am ruthless too. If I don't finish it and think "I want to read that again", into the PBS pile it goes! Thanks for the Saints love!!

    Chris - Geaux Saints!! ;) You're ereader policy is what I've kind of been doing too - only delete if I hated it, but I'm not big on rereading unless I REALLY liked the story. I don't know how many books a kindle can hold (I guess I could look it up!) so I'm always afraid it will get too full.

  8. Patti only 28 erotic romance books? Come on girl I know you can do better than that :)

  9. Your kindle should hold "1500" books. That depends, I guess, on the number of pages. They must use some average number to determine the average number of bytes to determine how much room each book takes up in storage, etc., etc., etc. Anyway, yours should hold 1500 books (thereabouts).

  10. When I first started blogging a little over a year ago, I had about 30 books in my TBR. Now I have nearly 200!!! Yikes, the pros and cons of book blogging. :)