Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review: Wolf Tales by Kate Douglas

I'd seen a recommendation somewhere about this series, and after checking around saw that Ms. Douglas has written 9 books in this series, so I figured it would be pretty good. There are shapeshifters and maybe menage so I was ready to read. It was off to a good start, the sexin' started on page 6.

As the story begins, Alexandria Olanet (Xandi) is out in a snowstorm, her car having gone over a cliff. She'd been out driving in the storm to get away from her fiance; she'd walked in on him having sex with another woman. As night falls and Xandi is still wandering around in the snow, she passes out, but wakes up in a warm bed with a large penis beween her legs, rubbing up against her from behind. She has crazy wicked sex and passes out again. When she wakes up she's at a rest stop. A limo stops to offer her a ride and she immediately knows the man in the back seat is the man she had sex with. Then she gets a good look at him - he's really hairy..all over, even his face, but she finds herself attracted to him.

Stefan Aragat was a famous magician who suddenly disappeared from public view. Apparently he pissed off his mentor, who turned him into a wolf. After several tries, he got himself back to semihuman form but cannot rid himself completely of wolf characteristics. Xandi is attracted to Stefan and overlooks his wolfy traits, and they have crazy sex again. So far so good...

Here's where it started to go bad for me - page 34:

After a moment's struggle, she found the zipper, tugged it slowly down, released the pressure holding his damned cock in place. It practically jumped out of the opening, all glistening animal cock that it was. He might have changed his hands, but the penis still looked like something a dog would sport...a very large dog. He wondered if he'd ever get used to the sheathlike foreskin, the strange shape, the extra-sensitive surface of this organ.

See, here's the thing...I grew up in a dog family - great danes to be specific. Anyone who's ever been around a male dog when he's excited knows what a "red rocket" looks like. I just cannot get past that. Am I misunderstanding, or is she having sex with a canine penis? *blinks and rubs eyes*

Apparently I've found my limit. There were a couple of more scenes where she mentions his red penis, and how she hopes if Stefan gets changed back to human form he'll be able to keep this penis. I had no problem with Stefan taking it from behind by his mentor while Xandi watched, but every time sex came up all I could think about was that damned red rocket and I finally shut the book for good.

If anyone else has read this series, I'd love to hear from you. Is this not as bad as I'm imagining? There are 9 books in the series, should I try again with book 2? Obviously it's a popular series - is each book different? I'm all out of brain bleach so if it's more of the same I don't think I can do it.


  1. I haven't read it, but I think that'd be a limit for me, too!

  2. I've read a couple more books in this series (yay for reading areas in Barnes and Noble!) and I don't really think they're worth your time. I'm all for kinky sex, menages whatever, but something about hers just don't do it for me. Either way, this volume is definitely the best so I'd say just skip the rest and move on.

  3. One word.


  4. I am so glad I ate, cos after this I lost my appetite. That is just gross! WTF

  5. OMG Patti you read Wolf Tales!!!!! Early on I used to blog how I would need therapy after reading Wolf Tales...to me this author went to far. And that is saying a lot as a m/m romance reader. This borders on bestiality IMO.

    Do you need brain bleach?

  6. I read part of this book but had to stop. It was just too much. The dog penis made me feel ill and the m/m rape scene was over the top. Not my thing at all. I was really surprised there was enough interest for the author to have written an entire series.

  7. Chris - I just couldn't go on...

    Dana - this is the best?!?

    Sayuri - I believe I did use that word as I was reading!

    Blodeuedd - WTF indeed.

    KC - did you read the book? Or just think about reading the book? And yes, please pass the brain bleach, I'm all out!

    FV - the m/m rape scene was about where I stopped.

  8. I AM glad that you posted about your experience with this one, 'cos I can guarantee I don't want to read it after finding out a bit more about it...

  9. Oh.
    I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

    I always respected the fact that in the Urban Fantasy genre, when dealing with werewolves, authors never crossed a line into bestiality... but apparently some authors do.

    Thank-you for reviewing this one and guaranteeing I never read it,

  10. Chris and Danielle - See, I wasn't sure if I should post about this book, you know - just pretend like it never happened...but I felt like if I had known in advance I would not have bought it. Again, she's got 9 of these books out so I figured it would be good...

  11. You are doing your readers a service by letting us know where the naste resides so that we can avoid it.

    *avoiding it*

  12. Hmmmm..not sure how I feel about the doggie penis.

    I have read a m/m before wear one was in total wolf form while the other was human...I don't know..why can't we just have normal penies? No barbs, no animal shape - just a penie...that is all we are asking for ;)

  13. Mandi - sometimes a barb or knot is a good time... or at least Lora Leigh makes it seem like it! :p

    Now doggie penis... I think I am going to have to pass. Infact I now need to go look at pictures of sexy hot men to get the image out of my mind.

  14. I read about four books in - when they originally came out..

    I am not sure why I stopped - but like yourself I have tried it and I know it's not for me...

    This falls into the category of unless you try it you wont know.. I didn't regret reading them ..

    I now know I dont like that sort of stuff and move on...

    Very pleased you gave it a try...