Monday, January 11, 2010

Review: Dirty by Megan Hart, aka I've Got A New Book Boyfriend!

I picked up this book thinking it sounded like a good story and it fell under my Erotic Romance Challenge. Little did I know I not only would I love this book, but I would also find my new fictional boyfriend here!

Dirty is the story of Elle and Dan. They met in a candy shop, went to a bar and had a few drinks, and that was that. But Elle couldn't stop thinking about him. When she went out for drinks and dancing with her friend from work a few weeks later, Dan was there. It was hot and steamy right there on the dance floor!

Elle has a lot of issues that you don't see right at the beginning of the story. She's got a dysfunctional relationship with her parents, and her gay brother won't come home to visit. Elle is a counter, she counts everything. Counting is one of three ways she can forget her past - the other two are sex and drinking. Her father is a full-fledged alcoholic, so she doesn't drink much, which leaves counting and sex. She doesn't date, but she does pick up men for sex. She thinks this is what will happen with Dan; but acknowledges to herself she's strangely drawn to him.

Although he's described as average in height and stature, Dan is definitely a dominant male. He knows better than Elle what she wants for herself. The thing about Dan is he's also patient and sensitive to her needs. He knows there's something under the surface that he doesn't know or understand yet. He knows he wants her and puts up with a lot of things a less secure man would walk away from. And yet he was not a "super" hero - he had flaws. He got mad. He had insecurities (shown especially, I thought, in the class reunion scenes).

These two are amazing together, and not just sexually. Dan is in her life but she won't let him be a part of it; I think I would describe Dan as the catalyst that causes Elle to be ready to really look at herself and her life when the time comes.

This book is beautifully written. Her descriptions of Elle's thoughts and reactions and sensory perceptions made me feel like I was in the story, watching while the scenes played out. Ms. Hart layered this story perfectly; Elle's relationship with her next door neighbors is hopeful yet sad and is another symptom of Elle's primary issues, her relationship with her brother and mother, her books, and her counting are all beautifully woven together to leave us wanting more of her story, and when we get The Whole Picture - wow.

When I wasn't reading this book I was thinking about it. I give this story 5/5 stars. Thank you Ms. Hart, for sharing it with your readers.


  1. Isn't it just the greatest! I actually picked this up on audio for my commute a while ago. Loved it so much I went back and bought the book! Dan is to die for! love him!!!


  2. Well at least I know where I'm headed at lunchtime. Thanks!

  3. Isn't this book just amazing. I was blown away by it completely. I glommed the rest of Hart's backlist after reading this and becoame a confirmed Hart fangirl.

    Dirty still remains my fav tho, Such a fantastic piece. I'm so happy you liked it.

  4. I read your review at GoodReads before I got here :) I love your review and a new fictional boyfriend, who doesn't want that? Really great! I believe though that it's written in first person, isn't it? I'm not a big fan of that kind of POV...

  5. I love Megan Hart's work, but haven't yet read this one. I've had it on my TBR for ages, though. I should really read it. Great review!

    You already read Stranger, right? Dan and Elle are sort of cameo secondary characters in it.

  6. Great review...wanted to let you know I've given you an award!

  7. A 5, must be a good book then. Nice review

  8. Okay you had me at book boyfriend. I'm all out erotic romance these days. Where did you buy this book? I usually buy my erotic romance books at Ellora's Cave or Samhein.

  9. Book Junkie - I'll bet this would be great on audio!

    Hannah - Sorry you couldn't find it, I'll mail it to you.

    Sayuri - totally agree!

    Janna - Yes, it's first person but it's soooo good.

    Christine - I don't remember Dan and Elle in Stranger.

    Kris - thanks!

    Chris - I couldn't put it down!

    Blodeuedd - yes, very good.

    KC - I think I got it at B&N, maybe Borders?

  10. Ms. Hart is going in my TBR pile. Seriously, I checked out her backlist on 'Fantastic Fiction' and she has about 10 books I'd be interested in reading.

    Great review.

  11. Danielle, I've only read two of hers but have another three in my TBR - so far I'm not disappointed.

  12. If I recall correctly, Dan is brothers with Sam from Stranger. Dan was in a few scenes at the funeral parlor, and Sam and Grace went to dinner at Dan and Elle's house? I think that's right.

  13. Christine - that does sound right, I'm gonna have to go back and look now! Was the waiter at the Slaughtered Lamb in Dirty Grace's other guy from Stranger? If so, I hope he gets a story...