Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Review: Masked by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

As soon as I heard there was a werewolf book set in New Orleans I knew I had to read it! I had such high hopes for this book and to be honest, it left me feeling frustrated.

Charlotte (CeeCee) Caissie is a New Orleans detective - tough and sexy. Max Savoie is enforcer to the most powerful mobster in New Orleans. Through a series of murders, they are thrown together and can't fight their attraction to each other. They both know it will never work, but they can't seem to stay away from each other...

The premise of the story was good - A good cop in love with a mobster; I just couldn't "buy" it. The characters were inconsistent. CeeCee is supposed to be a tough ball-breaking cop, yet she cries several times through the book and I felt like her interactions with Max were hot and cold with no in-between. Max is at times portrayed as brilliant yet in the next scene he seems childlike and dull-witted. It felt like the characters were written to fit the storyline, if that makes any sense. Their relationship kind of followed the same pattern -they'd get together and say they loved each other, then jerk away and hurt each other while hiding behind their cop/mobster roles. I had a hard time liking CeeCee, even with her painful past. She was just not very likeable. Strangely enough, I liked Max when he was with CeeCee, but not when he wasn't.

I also thought the murder storyline was weak and sort of pushed aside for most of the book and brought back at the end to tie things up.

I do plan to read the 2nd book in the series, Chased by Moonlight, before I give the series a "yea" or "nay". I'm giving Masked by Moonlight 2.5/5 stars.


  1. Oh, that's the worst - the story has potential, but the telling doesn't live up to that potential.

  2. Patti,

    I have picked this one up twice now and put it back down. :) I may have to leave this one on the shelf.

    Thanks for the honest review. :)


  3. "CeeCee is supposed to be a tough ball-breaking cop, yet she cries several times through the book " - hormones... HELLO!!!

    ooh!ooh! My w/v is "deancar". I must go far a drive today!!!

  4. Always good to wait with a yea or nay.
    Nice review, even if the book didn't deliver all the way

  5. For whatever reason I'm not attracted to mobster themes in books...could be due to hubs watching Casino over and over and over again.

  6. Hot cover...not so hot book...darn! =( well you can only go up from here hun!


  7. Hi Patti,

    Sorry to hear you didn't really enjoy this book but the cover is hot!

    I have this book for review in my TBR pile!

  8. Chris: I was very disappointed.

    Michelle: Maybe it's not just me then. Thanks.

    Dad: Not funny :( (okay, yes it was!)

    Blodeuedd: I usually try to give a series at least the first two books.

    Smokinhotbooks: That's probably why I don't like prison stories - hubs loves to watch that stuff!

    Monroe: Good point!

    Paranormal Reviews: I'd be interested to read your thoughts :)

  9. I just won this book in a giveaway. Thanks for the honest review. I'll still read it because I like to form my own opinions but maybe it won't go straight to the top :-)

  10. It felt like the characters were written to fit the storyline, if that makes any sense.

    That does make sense :)

    Tori reviewed this for smexy and although she liked it, she had issues with the heroine too, if I remember correctly.

    Hopefully the second one works better for you!!

  11. I hate when that happens.
    And know exactly with the characters fitting only the storyline.
    Hope you like the next book more.