Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 stars to a book I didn't want to read!

I was first made aware of this book by Danielle at ALPHA Reader. She gave it such a good review, I thought, "I don't usually like stuff with aliens but I'll put in on my TBR." Then, for my birthday, my son bought it for me, and then I HAD to read it :) But I kept putting it off - I'm not really a big fan of alien stories.

This book is made of awesome! I want to stand in front of the bookstore in my tinfoil hat and tell people "Buy this book!" I loved it! (This always happens to me,btw, I put off reading a book and end up loving it.)

Katherine "Kitty" Katt, is leaving jury duty when she witnesses an accident and the resulting argument. Suddenly though, things take a turn for the weird when the man turns into a horrible monster and kills the other driver (his wife) and starts attacking the courthouse! Instead of running, Kitty grabs her Mont Blanc pen and ends up killing him with it.

When the police show up, so does Jeffery "Jeff" Martini (love that last name). He's a hottie, and Kitty is definitely attracted! He's giving off a "Men in Black" vibe, and Kitty ends up going to meet his superiors, where she learns there's much more to Jeff and his crew than meets the eye!

This book has it all - witty, sometimes campy dialogue, smokin' hot sex, international and interplanetary intrigue, and maybe even a lesson to learn. If I had to pick a quote, I'd probably put in half the book; I really loved Jeff and Kitty's repartee. The secondary characters were engaging and I probably developed feelings for half of Kitty's team; especially Jeff's cousin Christopher. I adored her larger than life parents and their menagerie. We heard a lot about but didn't actually meet Kitty's three best friends; I'm hoping we'll meet Best Friend Chuckie in the next book - Alien Tango.

There were some parts I felt like could have been pushed through a little - technical stuff that I would have accepted as part of the world building without a lengthy explanation, but even that was interesting to read the whys and whereofs of different abilities and gadgets.

I've officially got a new fictional boyfriend (check my list on the left sidebar) and Gini Koch has a new stalker! In case you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm giving this book 6/5 stars - (Officially it's 5/5 but my son said since he bought it for me I had to give it an extra star) This book is going on my keeper shelf and I know I will reread it many times! Thanks Danielle and Ian!!!


  1. Awesome review hon =)

    I bought after reading Danielle's review LOL =)))


  2. I'm going to have to get this one now!

  3. Normally I don't read anything SciFi but with all the great reviews this book has been getting I think I need to check it out!

  4. It sounds like a blast, actually!

  5. YAY! I was holding my breath for your review when I saw that you were reading it. But really, I never had anything to worry about because, as you said, this book is made of awesome.

    'Alien Tango' comes out December 7th (already have it on pre-order) and Ms. Koch has been contracted for at least 2 more Kitty Katt books. More Marini! YAYYYYYYYY!!!

    P.S. - Your son is awesome! Best present ever, right?!

  6. Hi hon great review! I have to say I'm with ya there I don't normally read sci-fi or anything that says anything about aliens tho I loved the Roswell tv series go figure lol. So glad you enjoyed it and it's always fun when you get a wonderful surprise like that! :) HUGS hope you have a great one. Sorry to have been MIA for so long RL has been kicking my tucus lately.

  7. I haven't heard of this one but nice review.

    I've actually had to read a book before then ended up liking it also. It's was a nice surprise.

    Stephanie G

  8. Wow really, I mean I have seen it around but nothing has really made me wanna read it. I guess I were like you.

  9. Great review! I love this book and december 7th can't come soon enough!

  10. ohh sounds like something different, i must add it to my buy list! great review hun, i love those books that surprise you with how good they are =)

  11. Amazing review, enjoyed reading it! :-)
    Just like you, I don't read Sci-fi but with all the praise and fantastic reviews this book is getting I put it on my TBr pile, and can't wait to start it, it's my next to read book! :-D Good to know there will be at least 3 more books in the series!

  12. *shakes fist*

    I WILL read this book!!

    Awesome review

  13. Ohgod, when you bring out the tinfoil hat I must go get it. :)
    Fabulous review, Patti!

  14. Larissa: I should just ask Danielle to write me a reading list, LOL!

    Buckeye Girl: I highly recommend this one!

    Heather: I don't usually read SciFi either but loved this one!

    Chris: That's a good description, it was a blast.

    Danielle: Can't wait for Alien Tango - I read this book twice already. And yeah, he's turning out okay so far :)

    JennJ: Thanks for stopping by, hope RL gives you a break soon :)

    Paranormal Haven: I haven't seen too many reviews either, which is too bad b/c it's a great book!

    Blodeuedd: Give it a try!

    Sullivan McPig: Can't wait for the next book! I saw your post with your alien swag - very nice!

    Sparklybearsy: Yes, add this to your list!!

    Stella: Thanks, glad you enjoyed my review - looking forward to your thoughts on this book.

    Mandi: Oh, yes, you must read it! Glad you enjoyed the review - I may have been a *bit* excited about the book :)

    Janna: I'll get the tinfoil hats - meet you at the bookstore!

  15. LOL. Deal!
    I'm adding it to my tbb. :)

  16. Great review! I'm glad I picked this up at the library - can't wait to read it now!

  17. Great review!!! My favorite part is when you say Touched by an Alien is made of awesome!!! I couldn't agree more.

    I can't wait for Alien Tango and the alligators! (I love that they're on the cover for AT)

    Hooray for another Gini stalker!!!

  18. Super review! I admit I am still in love with Jeff Martini. December is too far away.

  19. Janna: You won't be sorry!

    ames: Looking forward to your review!

    Lisa: Thanks - I can't wait for Alien Tango either :)

    amberscottproject: I totally (heart) Jeff!