Friday, March 5, 2010

Review: Power Play by Deirdre Martin (Last Hockey review, I promise!)

(I hate the cover. Eric is supposed to be blonde, his twin Jason is brunette.)

Okay, okay...I know you're tired of my raving about the hockey books. This is my last one, I promise! It's just that I really liked it. Of all Ms. Martin's NY Blades books I've read, this one and the first one, Body Check, are my favorites.

Monica Geary is a soap opera star at the top of her game. She's on the number one rated soap opera and her character tops the polls month after month. When the producer brings in a chesty young thing who tries to take Monica's spotlight, Monica knows she's got to do something...

Eric Mitchell is the NY Blades' newest player. He is the twin brother of Jason (the hero in Chasing Stanley). When I read Chasing Stanley, I though Eric was kind of a selfish jerk with moments of goodness. Eric was traded fora beloved member of the team, so the fans (and other players) are a bit standoffish. Eric knows he has to do something to impress them...

In the Blades series, the team loves to watch soaps, and Monica's show is their favorite. Eric ends up with a 4-line scene in the soap, and he hits on Monica, who is replused by his cheesy lines. Then, her PR person suggests to Monica that she should consider pretending to date Eric to "get her image back out there". The suggestion is mutually beneficial, as the team is thrilled to meet Monica. Of course, things progress and perhaps things aren't "just for show" anymore. Their twisty road to happiness was fun to read, and the ending was sooo sweet!

This book was great - I loved Eric and Monica. The way their relationship progressed from fake to real, the fears that Eric had about falling in love, Monica's lack of confidence in her acting choices; there were a lot of storylines going on and Ms. Martin kept my attention and made me smile. Eric turned out to be a great hero. As a bonus, I especially loved Monica's friend, Gloria. Her one-line recollections of her life in showbiz made me laugh out loud.

I'm giving this one 4 1/2 of 5 stars.


  1. You and your hockey books ;)
    But they do sound fun

  2. Your last one?, I have really enjoyed these reviews. They sound funny and romantic...really cute :)

  3. You posted this at 5:59?!?! I have to prop my eyes open with toothpicks at 5:59!!! And then you've already got two comments, to boot!!

    Damn!! Oh, to be young again!

    Nice review though... Maybe they'll bring back the Brass and you can go to a hockey game!

  4. This can't possibly be your LAST hockey book review because Rachel Gibson's new one will be out in April! NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. I was lucky enough to get an ARC and it was SO good.

    I just picked up a Deirdre Martin book based on your reviews, thanks!

  5. Blodeuedd: I know - they are fun!!

    Mandi: LOL, glad you liked the reviews, they are fun books.

    Pops: You don't want to know what time I get up in the morning, this was after I'd had a shower and breakfast and scrolled through a few blogs already!

    Scorpio: I forgot NBT is coming out next month! You already read it? Luckee! I don't know which Deirdre Martin you picked but I hope you like it - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  6. You are so bad as well! First Blanche and now you! I just want to say since your first Hockey book review, I went and bought all these books. I am so broke! LOL

  7. But, but... there are more hockey books out there! Don't stop now!

  8. Amy J - I hope you like them! I love when I enjoy a book or series someone else has recommended, it makes me feel connected.

    Chris - I think hubs is afraid I'm going to stick him in a hockey jersey and hand him a hockey stick for "indoor sports" *wiggles eyebrows* LOL!

  9. Really, compared to what you could do? That's tame. :)

  10. Great review and I've heard great things about this author! Adding to my never ending TBR pile!

    NOOO! You have to review more hockey books!

  11. Razlover: *shhhh!! - I just printed out a list of hockey-themed romance books from amazon (don't tell!)*

  12. An award for you. :)

  13. This sounds like a fun read!

  14. I love any book featuring sports and have loved Deirdre Martin's books about The Blades. She's got a new one coming out soon, but I'm not sure if it's hockey related or not? Anyway it's on my to-buy list regardless.

  15. I'm with all who loved your hockey book reviews :) This sounds like a really fun read as well!

  16. Jessica - thanks hon! Nice place!

    Marissa - it was a fun read!

    Book Pimp - I didn't think I'd like sports romances but have been pleasantly surprised.

    Janna - Thanks for the hockey love! It was a fun read; I wish she had more hockey books out.