Monday, March 8, 2010

An Embarassing Moment, a Non-Apology, and a Random Giveaway

Okay - First up, the Non-Apology: I haven't done many reviews of late. I usually like to keep a few in the can, and at this point I think I have two. No es bueno. I don't know, I just haven't felt like reviewing. I've been tearing through books (I am going to do a "Slacker" review of the Morganville Vamps soon) but have wanted to just read, not review, so that's what I've been doing. I was going to feel bad about it and apologize, but I've noticed quite a few bloggers in the same slump, if you will, of non-blogging. I'm choosing to think of it like catching a cold. Everyone gets it and it will be over soon. In the meantime, I'm just rollin' with it.

Next up - the embarassing moment. You may or may not have noticed on my left sidebar that I'm listening to JR Ward's Dark Lover on audiobook (thanks Hannah!). I was listening to it when I picked up my 16-year-old son from work, I'm at the part where Butch and Wrath go at it over Beth and then Beth leaves with Wrath (near the beginning). So I start the car and the book comes on and it's okay for a minute, then comes this line: "He reached for her before she even sensed he'd moved. She was walking along and then she was in his arms. One of his hands clamped onto the base of her neck. The other pulled her hips tight against him. His erection was a thick rope on her belly." As I hurry and hit the Off button, he looks at me and I look at him, we're both blushing, and he says "Really Mom? Really?" and we burst out laughing. March seems to be full of Parenting Fail for me this year.

And lastly - a random Giveaway. I happen to have a like-new copy of Megan Hart and Lauren Dane's Taking Care of Business. Just leave me a comment telling me you want the book (you must be a follower) by Friday midnight and I'll announce the winner over the weekend. If you don't mention you want the book in your comment you won't be entered. And yes, it's open to everyone.


  1. Not entering, but I'll mention it in this week's linkity post. :)

    At least you have a really good Dark Lover story now, right?! You two will be laughing about that one for years.

    Re: reviewing... that would be how I ended up with my reviewettes! Full-on reviews crush the joy out of reading for me, but I can toss off a few sentences with no problem. Besides, I hate spoilers, so I tend to skip 95% of most reviews anyway - I just want a really high level look at the plot and whether the reviewer liked the book or not.

  2. Your story about your book on tape had me giggling - I had to tell my husband about it since he always teases me about reading books about scantily clad men having sex..I can't imagine what he would do if he heard one of my books on tape but I'm sure it would be pretty funny.

    I would love to win the book - I like both those authors and I'm sure it would be a good read.

  3. I want the book please!!!! LOL
    Amy J

  4. It may have been embarrassing, but at least you can laugh about it. If I got caught listening to something racy I would get NONSTOP ribbing for months.

    And yes I'm a follower, and I would love to win a book!

    patronus89013 at yahoo dot com

  5. I really want the book because I love Lauren Dane!!

    PS - That's probably the funniest audio book story I've ever read!

  6. I would love the book please....
    I'm a follower
    LOL I love JR Ward yeah like to listen alone....
    have a good one

  7. I can so see Ian's face right now!! You're never living that one down.

    Michael teases me how the audiobooks are a special thing just for me ... meaning, please don't make me listen to that shit. haha

  8. LMBO!!!! Yea, I think that simy Borders too sometimes! I would love a shot at winning this book..... You know I freaking stalk you!!

    I know how you feel... about the "book cold"... Yse, we all have one!

  9. least you both laughed at the embarassing moment.

    I really want this book,please count me in for the giveaway.
    I am a follower


  10. LOL! Well at least you and your son both have a sense of humor and could laugh about it :)

    I'd love to win the book.

  11. I want the book, I want the book !:)

    and i'm your follower ! wohoooo !

  12. Yes I would love to win this book taking care of business. I am a follower and my email is bangersis(at)msn(dot)com.

  13. Is there now a possible writing career in your son's future : )

    Please enter my name in the drawing to win a copy of "Taking Care of Business".

    follower & subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  14. Hilarious!!! Can you imagine if you were listening to Jeanine Frost's Chapter 32 on tape...? Sometimes hubs will go through my ebooks and read out loud passages, most of my ebooks tend to be on the erotic side, his mouth usually drops in shock at the content. Serves him right! I told him not to read my books!

  15. I would love to have the book please! Thanks!


  16. Girl I so hear you on this one!!! I've been in just a blah mood lately and my blog has suffered big time. Just haven't felt like posting as much as I did. I'm hoping I'll snap of it soon lol.

    ROFL at your love scene moment that is too funny!!!!! Love it! Just smile and say son you know how you love action movies with big guns and explosions well women love romances for the same things just in different packages! ;) heheheh

  17. Thanks for the smile, girl. Although I do feel bad doing it your expense but I can't help it. That story about Wrath and his rope-like erection had me laughing out loud!

    Hugs, VFG

  18. hahahahahaha "his erection was a thick rope on her belly" I can just imagine your face!

    Do enter me in the contest, pleaseee :)

  19. I think like everybody else I loved the audio book moment.

    It is very heartening to see you and your son have such a good relationship you can laugh together at something like that. He sounds really cool and you are lucky to have him.

    I am a Follower (International) and would like to be entered in the giveaway.



    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  20. Don't worry, be happy. LOL.. We all have days like this..Laughing was the best way to go. Glad you and your son can laugh together. Some sons get too embarrassed when sex is mention. You are lucky.

    I am a follower

    Pls enter me into the giveaway.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  21. Would love to have Taking Care of Business please :)

    rubs.escalona [at]

  22. Ha ha ha ha ha. The thing about those 'awkward' moments with parents is that they feel as though they're stretching on for hours and hours, when really its only been a couple of minutes. Same thing happens when you're watching a movie and a sex scene happens and everyone waits patiently for it to be over with. Ha ha ha.

    Looking forward to your 'slacker' review of 'Morganville'. So long as you like it, I'm happy!

    I'm in the same reading/reiewing slump. I think its because I am so looking forward to Patricia Briggs, Richelle Mead and J.R. Ward and their book releases that everything else I read and review in the meantime feels like "filler" until the books I *REALLY* want to read are released. I am totally feeling your slump.

  23. I had a friend at my old job who used to grab my books, openthem at a random page and nearly alwalys got a smutty bit. She would then precede to read it out in a loud voice for all to hear. Yeah, I got over the embarassment quickly! LOL Although why is it when you are reading sex scenes they sound great but when you hear them read aloud...cringe.

    Chris - I feel the same way about reviews, which is why I very rarely do them. They suck the joy out of reading and feel too much like work!

  24. You made me snort my coffee! That is funny..your son sounds really cute :)

    (don't enter me)

  25. Chris- thanks for the link love and I may start more mini reviews.

    Heather - glad you liked my story; I threw your name in the hat.

    Amy J - you're in!

    Marianna - he's a fun kid. I threw your name in the hat.

    Dana - glad you liked it - you're in!

    Alba - I tossed your name into the hat!

    Hannah - won't be living this one down for a while.

    Cecile - I'm getting frustrated with my Borders, can you tell? I tossed your name into the hat!

    Elaing8 - it was funny! You're in!

    Tori - He's a good kid. You're in!

    Mariska - you're in!

    Angie - you're in!

    Virginia C - A writer? I could see that. I put your name in the hat!

    SHB - Chapter 32? His ears would bleed!!!

    Llehn - you're in!

    JennJ - I noticed I'm not the only one feeling blah. Love your analogy!

    VFG - glad you liked it!

    Hilda - it was funny/embarassing. You're in!

    Buddyt - he actually asked if I was going to blog about it! Your name is in the hat!

    fickle fan - you're in!

    Danielle - it did feel like forever! My review will definitely be good but super lazy (like Shane!). I know - there are so many must buy releases coming out soon!

    Sayuri - Yes, it is definitely weird to hear them read aloud. It takes some getting used to!

  26. Mandi - sorry about the coffee - it was funny though!

  27. I would love to win a copy.

    I'm a follower via Google Friend.

  28. Patti it was not a Parenting Fail, it was a true moment in time where you were human and you got caught girl reading about SEX by your male progeny!!!! How funny is that in years to come you will have a cute memory of the day your son found out Mom listened to erotica on her car speakers!!!

    Please enter me in the drawing for Taking Care Of Business, I am on a Lauren Dane kick right now and have a feeling would not want this book on audio tape for my DH to make fun of me on the off color scenes...

    (GFC follower for a while now and major lurker)
    jackie b central texas

  29. OMG that embarrassing moment made laugh out loud! It's ALWAYS at the worst moment that someone is listening. The latest embarrassing thing that happened to me was when I showed my mom the amazing cover of 'Addicted' and she looked at it and the first thing she saw was the word 'Erotic' written on the cover. Lol. Ok I'll remember NOT to show my mom my erotica. ;)
    Taking Care of Business sounds really good, please count me in =)

  30. I'd love to win this book! Please count me in!
    Thank you!


  31. MMMM Wrath on audio, wonder how that sounds.....well after reading this better listen to it in private!

    Don't need to enter me.

    I hope you have your reviewmojo back soon!

  32. Your embarassing story made me giggle :) Please count me in for the book!


  33. Very cute mother-son moment, lol!
    No need to enter me for the book giveaway, since it would be to expensive for you to send it to Europe :)
    I like your reviews, but even without them your place is a fun place to visit :)

  34. Parenting is such a minefield. But it is nice that you have a good relationship and could laugh about it.

    My children have impeccable timing and always manage to walk into the room during the single 'inappropriate' scene of any movie.

    My daughter is at the stage where if she sees kissing she runs from the room crying 'YUK!' but my son is always curious and tries to watch.
    And the first time he saw two guys kissing he just collapsed on the floor with laughter! I was more than a little bemused.

    And I want this book because I think I would really enjoy it.

  35. LOL regarding your moment with your son. My face would have been so red.
    I want Taking Care of Business because I am a fan of both writers.

  36. s7anna - you're in!

    Jackie B - yes, it was a very human moment - good thing we both thought it was funny! Your name is in the hat!

    pattepoilue - it's always the thing we don't want them to notice!! I threw your name in the hat!

    Sharli - you're in!

    Marissa - Wrath on audio took a bit of getting used to but now I like it.

    squiggles - glad you laughed. You're in!

    Janna - Awww, thanks for the compliments!

    Eva SB - Love your kid stories - he laughed? That's funny. Threw your name into the hat!

    Crystal GB - oh, yes, I was blushing! You're in!

  37. "As I hurry and hit the Off button, he looks at me and I look at him, we're both blushing, and he says "Really Mom? Really?" and we burst out laughing."




    *wipes tear from eye*

    That made my day.

  38. LMAO! I am cracking up at your momFAIL, it'll be something the 2 of you will always remember, I bet =)

    p.s. love your blog, it's gorgeous!

  39. I loved your books on tape story-it gave me a much needed laugh, and your son handled it much better then I would've at his age. I think sometimes we need to take a break reviewing.

    I'd love to enter the contest. My email is: buckeyegirlreads @

  40. I'd like to read the book because, and I hate to admit this, I haven't read any of Lauren Dane's books yet, and really want to.

    I'm dying at the J.R. Ward thing--I have a 16 year old son and I was hiding my Kindle because I had a Anya Bast story on there that was SOOOO erotic and I kept thinking he'd pick it up when I was in the bathroom or something. YIKES!

    I only had one review up last week, and I was distracted, restless and basically read all week instead:)

  41. O.O why must you all mock me?!?!?!?!?!?! it's not my fault that my mom feels like having porn on her kindle thingy AND on tape. Hey just think of this, what would all of you cougars and panthers and youngins(yeah i know allll about your kinds) have done if your kids had heard something like that? ^_^ think that one over ladies. and have fun giggling at an awkward mother-son moment

  42. I'm sure it won't be the last time the 2 of you "blush" over something, but it was a funny story. Please enter my name to win the book. Thanks

  43. Kris - glad I could make you laugh. That's my son who was also in the room for the "girlcrush" convo.

    Jaymzangel - Yes, this one will haunt me for a long time :)

    Buckeye Girl - LOL it could have been worse! You're entered in the contest!

    Moonsanity - yes, he makes snarky comments about my "suggestive" book covers too! I threw your name in the hat!

    Ian - you're so easy to mock! <3 you. You're NOT entered in the contest.

    Judi - Oh, yes, I'm sure there will be more moments like this! You're entered in the contest!

  44. Too funny Patti....

    Thats me and my son trying ot get into my locked closet...

    Don't worry hon, you'll get over it... as will he...

    I think alot of people are in a reviewing slump... I just cant be bothered - I have loads of books I am just trying to get through, no time to stop and review...


  45. Great post, Patti! I LOLed my way through. First the bookstore, then the audiobook slip with your son. Too funny.

    Please don't enter me as I read this book last year. It's very good, by the way! I think the lucky winner will really enjoy it. :)

  46. Listening to J.R Ward in the car when the son comes get in! That cracked me up!

    Please enter me in the giveaway.


  47. EH - glad to know it's not just me (with the kid or the reviewing slump) :)

    Christine - glad you laughed, that's why I did it!

    Bookie - Yeah, I guess definitely MomFail! You're in!

  48. LOL! I don't think its a MomFail though just something to laugh about in the far off future :) No need to enter me I'm pretty sure I have this one.

  49. I'd like to enter the contest.

    I've never read anything by Lauren Dane but have read Megan's work, which I have enjoyed. Thanks!


  50. I want this book!!!
    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  51. I have not read Megan Hart or Lauren Dane's Taking Care of Business so PLS enter me in the giveaway. Thanks for the great reveiw.
    I Love your page.. So youthful and makes me feel good.

    I am a follower and subscriber

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  52. Haha, your story made me laugh so loud my parents asked me what I was reading! :-)

    Please enter me in the giveaway too!


    stella.exlibris (at) gmail DOT com

  53. Hilarious story! I definitely want this book so count me in!


    lilazncutie1215 @

  54. What a great story! Please enter me in the contest. Lauren Dane is one of my favorite authors.


  55. OMG thanks for sharing that story!!! I can imagine how beet-red your face was LOL

    I want the book! Please enter me :)

    thebookvixen at gmail dot com

  56. Contest is now closed to new entries. Thanks ladies!

  57. OMG! Okay, that is hilarious! "Really Mom?" LOL. That is just too funny. I would've been mortified!