Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Paradise Rules by Beth Kery

This book falls into my Erotica Reading Challenge.
I bought this book because I'd read good reviews, but before I'd read Sweet Restraint. I didn't care too much for Sweet Restraint so this one lingered on my bookshelf for a long time. I decided to read it because I was looking for a contemporary read.
Paradise Rules surprised the hell out of me. It was really good - very, very erotic. I enjoyed it from cover to cover and there were only a few spots where I felt like"really?".
Lana Rodriguez is a famous jazz/blues singer who has come to Hawaii to hang out with her friend, who's going through an ugly divordce. Lana spent her childhood in Hawaii (we don't learn all the particulars until near the end of the book, needless to say she has a secret) and isn't thrilled about being there but wants her friend to have a good time.
Jace Koa is a local celebrity, an olympic swimmer/surfer who's come home to Hawaii and runs a surf shop and a restaurant. He first runs into Lana and her friend at his surf shop while he was getting a hand job from a client. Lana was not pleased as he was supposed to be teaching them how to surf.
Later, she hires a male escort for her friend and ends up getting one for herself too. Little does she know Jace's cousin runs the escort service and when Jace hears she's hired their services he steps in to be her "date". Hot sex ensues. Hot, angry sex. Oh, my....
The first half or more of this book is Lana and Jace's relationship, which consists mostly of sex - on a beach, on a boat, next to the boat.... Both Lana and Jace were very strong characters, so there was a lot of pushing back and forth between the two of them. Lana was kind of a bitch, and I did sort of wonder what Jace saw in her that kept him coming back, but let's be honest, I wasn't too worried about it - Ms. Kery knows her way around a sex scene!
There did turn out to be a scandal involving Lana and Jace, and Jace tries to figure out who's responsible while Lana is angry and blaming Jace. I knew who the culprit was but Jace was so sweet while he figured it out. I did wish Ms. Kery had gone into more detail at the end of the book; I kind of felt like it was too open ended, but that's just my preference.
I really enjoyed this book and I give Paradise Rules 4 out of 5 stars. A super sexy read!


  1. Have you read her Daring Time? I liked that quite a bit - looks like I gave it 4.5/5 stars, which is not very common for me.

  2. Chris: Funny you should ask. I had daring time on my shelf for a while, and after I read Sweet Restraint I turned DT in at the used bookstore. Now I guess I'm going back to see if I can still find it!

  3. Hi Patti:

    I'm so happy you liked Paradise Rules. I know it's no secret but I'm a huge Beth Kery fan. And, Jason Koa, solid Alpha IMHO. lol

    I loved Daring Time too, it's a time travel fantasy, quite unique IMHO. I reviewed it at my blog if you are interested.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. This book was very good and oh so hot hot hot!

  5. I saw this in your 'currently reading' and thought it was one smokin-hot cover. Story sounds interesting (and smutty!). Great review.

  6. Hi Patti!

    Great review and I have this one in my TBR pile! I also having Daring Time in that pile too, LOL!

  7. Was there an open end? Can't remember, perhaps I was in a haze after all the sex

  8. I must start to read Beth Kery!

  9. Great review Patti!! I have her books on my shelf and need to find time to sit and read!
    I am glad that you enjoyed it!

  10. I really need to read this one.

    PS how on earth did I miss the reading is sexy nekkid dude with all the books? Mmmm sexy.

  11. I think if i read a book with a cover like that i would just feel depressed about ugly my body is compared to that womans

  12. I want to read this one. Sounds steamy. I love the cover. Nice review.

  13. Chris: Whoops indeed!

    Lea: I really did enjoy this book!

    Book Pimp: Oh, yes, this book was super hot!

    Danielle: The plot didn't pick up for a while but it was a smutty, delicious read!

    Razlover: I hope you enjoy it!

    Blodeuedd: I felt like the end didn't answer several the questions about their future.

    Mandi: Yes, if this is what most of her stuff is like then I'm a fan!

    Cecile: Hope you enjoy them!

    Smokinhotbooks: Oh,yes, I recommend this one ;) And I love my "book dude"!

    Becky: LOL, my teenage son didn't mind when I left this book laying around the house!

    Bookie: Very steamy!

  14. You know, I've been seeing this book around a lot, and I've kinda been tempted to get it. But then I was somewhat hesitant to, just because it's not something that I'd usually read.

    Thanks to your review, I think I'm gonna reconsider. Thanks!