Monday, August 17, 2009

Before and After

Since I've recently begun reading again, things have gotten crowded in the ol' bedroom. I went out and bought a bookshelf today. Here's before:

And after:

I can't decide if it's better...maybe I should have gone for the 5-shelf model. The top is my TBR - I know, sad right? But I've gotten a lot of suggestions from my giveaway and will be adding to it! The rest are my "keeper" shelves, and the pile on the floor are books I can't decide what to do with. Note the big, empty space on the top shelf where my Sookie books should be (she's out galavanting around again!).
Also, for your viewing pleasure, is our other bookshelf that was only supposed to be for our "good books", which turned into kind of an Anne Rice shrine as well as a few other books we had in hardback. That didn't last long and we're planning a larger bookshelf...

(Don't laugh at Spongebob - my 2-year-old loves him!!)


  1. Oh, loving your stack honey!!!And the sponge bob!!
    I need a bookshelf... But my closet is hiding them... I mean holding them for now!! Hubby doesn't know exactly how many I have bought if I keep them hidden! LOL!!!
    I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. The best book on the living room bookshelf is the book on tattoos!! I get lost in it.

  3. I love the new bookshelf! You know my TBR is even bigger *blushes* so don't feel bad at all! And one can never have to many books right!

  4. Patti,

    Great book shelf. And I agree with JennJ, you can never have too many books. I recently posted a pick of my 'tbr' book case and I have 195 books on it. LOL We book addicts have to stick together. :)


  5. Thanks ladies! I still think I need a bigger shelf, but this is a good temp fix I think.

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  7. Oooo the shelves look beautiful! I recently got shelves myself and I'm already in need of more. It's terrible.

    I love your Anne Rice shrine!

    ;) VFG

  8. Ha! I have an Anne Rice seciton too! I don't exactly have a shrine for her books. I leave that to Anne Bishop. She has her own special place on my shelves :D.

    The new book shelf is very pretty \. I love the dark wood!

  9. Anne Rice shrine LOL. Well, good luck with that shelving problem. I have a half put together shelf in my office that is already crammed. Also, THANKS for linking to my blog! I'm linking back.

  10. It looks great! I love your new bookshelf. All my books are in boxes and I don't know when I'm going to be able to have a bookshelf again. :(

  11. We always want 'larger' bookshelves! lol If i finally get some room on a bookshelf in less than a week i'll have bought new books to fill it.
    I like your new booshelf =) and look! there's still some room for new books in it! ;)