Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Author Fan Letter Blog Tour - Molly Harper

Dear Ms. Harper,

I still remember the first time I saw Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs. I was in B&N, and the title caught my eye; nice cover, good blurb, so I picked it up. Little did I know that what was inside would begin a one-sided love affair with your books.

Nice Girls has the funniest vampire transformation story I’ve ever read: the heroine gets fired from her job as a librarian, heads to Shenanigans with the gift card that was part of her termination package, has a few drinks, her car breaks down on the way home so she starts walking, gets mistaken for a deer and is shot by a drunk hunter. Left for dead, she is turned by Gabriel, the vampire she met in Shenanigans.

Jane is the kind of snarky, funny yet caring friend I want to have. Hell, let’s be honest here, she’s got the kind of personality I wish I had. Gabriel is, in turns, sexy and clueless. And who ever thought I’d fall in love with a vampire named Dick Cheney? As secondary characters go, he’s one of my favorites. Jane’s best friend Zeb, her grandmother’s ghost, and her dysfunctional family, including a mother that insists on bringing her casseroles, all keep me in stitches.

The Nice Girls series is one of my favorites and holds a prime spot on my keeper shelf.

You had me at Nice Girls, but then you went and wrote a contemporary - And One Last Thing...

I loved it!! Such a funny divorce scenario: Heroine catches her husband cheating, writes all about it in the company newsletter, and e-mails it to everyone - friends, clients, and family. Bravo! And One Last Thing… has everything I like in a contemporary romance – a funny, sometimes crude heroine, a cantankerous hero who looks like Wolverine (yum!), and a gay BFF (okay, he's her brother, but I think that's pretty awesome that her brother is her BFF).

I’m really hoping this won’t be your last contemporary. As I say in my review – this book is exactly the reason I love reading contemporaries – it’s pure entertainment from start to finish.  This one sits on my keeper shelf right next to the Nice Girls books.

But, you weren’t finished with your domination of my literary soul:

You went and started a series about Werewolves. Naked Werewolves. *wiggles eyebrows* And they’re funny. Sexy too, but laugh out loud funny. I chuckled and snorted  my way through both books until my husband told me he couldn’t hear the TV over my laughter.  I summed up How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf in my review:  You've got the funny, the sexin', a love triangle, a dog in a sweater, and a borderline obsession with meat products. How can I go wrong with a book like that? I think this is where I admit that you have your own section on my keeper shelf.

So, here’s the thing:
I read because I want to be entertained. I don’t want to know the specifics involved in sailing around the world in an 1800’s schooner, or how to track a serial killer using GPS, a paperclip and dryer lint. I’ve got three kids and a stressful day job - I want to immerse myself in the characters and live vicariously through the pages of the books I read. Your stories do that for me: every time I open one of your books, I’m immediately transported into an alternate life where the characters face challenges and overcome obstacles, and I’m fully vested in the outcome without actually having to do it myself. (I think as a wife and mother you can understand where I’m coming from here.)

Thank you, Ms. Harper, for sharing your stories. If you look up the term "auto-buy author" in the dictionary - I've pasted your photo there.

With vampire wishes and werewolf dreams,
All the best,

In case you missed it, yesterday's Author Fan Letter was from The Book Reading Gals, and tomorrow's letter will be at Katidom.  A complete list of participants can be found here.


  1. Woo-Hoo!
    Feel the love!
    100% agree with every lovely word you wrote. Auto-buy author, indeed :)

  2. Great letter Patti :D I can feel the love

  3. GREAT letter! Having read only the Werewolf ones, I know I want to read her others!! I can't wait to get my hands on them :D

  4. What a great letter Patti. You fretted for nothing. "I read because I want to be entertained." I agree completely and when you find someone who does that for you, it's a real find. I try not to read those kind of books out in public, because laughing out loud in a crowd of people tends to get you the "crazy lady alert" look. Super job. :-)

  5. Fantastic letter! I love how you touch on a topic that we all want. We want to be entertained and any author that can immerse you so well into her ideas, characters, and setting that you can't put it down - then they've done their job.

    I'm sure the author will be delighted with this letter.

  6. Great letter :) She writes VERY entertaining stories. <3!!!

  7. I just read the first Jane Jameson book and could not stop laughing. Loved it! I knew about the werewolf series, but hadn't heard of that And One Last Thing. You sold me though! Great letter.

  8. "I read because I want to be entertained."

    I think sometimes I forget that myself - It is good when an author re-enforce why we actually read the books we do..

    Lovely tribute - very heartfelt..


  9. Wonderful letter Patti! I couldn't agree with you more. Molly's books are simply fabulous. And the part that starts off with 'So, here's the thing", just perfect. I feel the same way about reading and I think you nailed that passage. Great, great job!

  10. I have to say I agree with about Molly. I have only read her Werewolf books but based on those I will be checking out her other books.

    It was a great letter :)

  11. Hey Patti!

    Ms. Harper's books sound like such fun! Your letter is wonderful and your love of Ms. Harper's stories really shines through. I remember reading your reviews of her books before and know you are a die hard fan.

    Thanks for sharing Patti!


  12. Fantastic letter Patti! Ms Harper's books sounds like, as Lea said, a lot of fun :)

    But, you weren’t finished with your domination of my literary soul


  13. Wonderful letter, Patti :) I heart it when an author can instantly grab you with an compelling story and characters! Of course you grabbed my ever smutty attention with nekkid werewolves LOL

  14. You can always count on having more than a few laughs with Molly's books.

  15. What a nice fan letter Patty! The werewolves do not appeal to me, but those nice girls book have slipped my attention, though they were on my wishlist a year or so ago.

  16. "I want to immerse myself in the characters and live vicariously through the pages of the books I read."

    Exactly. Awesome letter, Patti.

  17. Danielle: Thanks - she is pretty awesome!

    Blodeuedd: Thanks!

    Natasha: They're very good!

    Tam: Awww, thanks :) And yes, I get that crazy lady look :)

    Kassa: Agree, and I hope she does like it.

    Mandi: I don't know where she gets it but she's so funny!

  18. Sarah: I hope you try them and enjoy as much as I do.

    EH: Thanks!

    Julie: Agree - her books are fabulous!

    Heather: I hope you enjoy them!

    Lea: Yes, they're fun, all the way from start to finish!

  19. Orianna: Thanks, they really are fun :)

    Leontine: Nekkid werewolves - what's not to love?

    KB/KT Grant: Definitely!!

    Aurian: Move them back onto your wish list, you won't be sorry!

    Kris: Thanks!

  20. Sorry I'm late Patti! :)

    I have the vampire books to listen to on audio and I have One Last Thing on my TBR - I can see I'm going to have to move them up the pile! Great letter!

  21. Kaetrin: I'm jealous, I haven't heard them on audio!

  22. I'm late to the party but I love your letter to Molly Harper. Jane Jameson's most endearing quality is her random information dump, no matter what the topic, and her love of family (friends count!). It makes you root for the characters throughout.

  23. to quote Danielle:

    Feel the love!
    100% agree with every lovely word you wrote. Auto-buy author, indeed :)"

    I say AMEN to that!

    LOVE Molly Harper 4EVER!

  24. Absolutely. Stumbled onto the Nice Girls series and finished it in a couple of weeks because I fell in love with it. I've downloaded all her other books already too. I'm an aspiring author, and I know I'm reading something amazing when I'm torn between inspired and ready-to-give-up-because-I-could-never-write-anything-that-good, lol. Molly Harper does that to me!