Thursday, May 26, 2011

Has anyone tried Audible?

I like to listen to books on disk - I spend a lot of time in the car and listening to books makes it bearable. I've been seeing a bit of buzz around the interwebz about Audible, but even though I've looked at the site, I'm not sure what it is or how it works...

It looks like you can download audiobooks to your ipod or smartphone? Do you get to keep the downloads? If you do get to keep the books, do they just accumulate space on your ipod/phone? I'm wondering how many books I could load onto my ipod before it's full or there's no more room for music...

From what I can tell, the selection looks pretty good - I'd be buying Romance, of course... Although it looks a bit pricey if you want more than one audiobook/month - is the membership worth it?


  1. I use audible alot, but I also download from other places too. I like audible for it goes right into my iTunes and I can listen on my iPod. Once you listen to a book, it stays in your audible library even if you want to delete it from your iTunes. You can always get it back for it stays in your Audible account. The very first book I downloaded (Dragonfly in Amber) about 5 years ago, is still in my library, even though it's not on my iPod. I think it's a good deal and often they have specials too! I recommend it.

  2. I love Audible. The membership is a pretty good deal, plus they give you discounts on other books, some as low as $4.95. I usually listen to it on my iPhone, but you can also burn it on CD. I think you're only allowed a limited number of CD burns, but it's still good (though be warned that some of them can take up 20+ CDs).

    Oh, and I like that you can search by narrator and that they give lots of info on which narrators are well recommended by listeners.

  3. Oh I LOVE Audible! *g*

    For me, it's the only international way I have to get cheap audiobooks.
    I only started last October but I'm addicted. It's fantastic. As Julie and Sarah said before you get to keep the audiobooks.
    I have them on my ipod and listen to them in the car while going to work.

    Each month I used to get 1 credit. 1 credit= 1 book. But since I got addicted I upgraded to 2 credits a month.
    They have many sales too. It's just so addictive *g*

  4. I've tried it just using the free trial thing and it was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of audiobooks in general though and with how much more expensive they are than regular books, it's not really for me.

    It also seems like the selection was iffy. Some series' would have almost every book from the series available, and some series' would have only one or two books available.

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  5. I'm audiobook Junkie, I've been for a few years, I've must have listened to 400 audiobooks, mostly Romances ;).
    I now use the audible application for Iphone, and I have a few answer for you.
    You do get to keep your downloads
    You can deleted as soon as you're done listening
    You always have access to you library, and can re- download the books as many time as you need to.
    The selection is getting fantastic, I have listen to new releases in the past 6 months, right now I'm anxiously waiting for MAGIC SLAYS.
    I have published a blog just for the purpose of reviewing audiobooks (mostly the narrator), I'm just getting started, but I know audiobooks are becoming incredibly popular, so I'm hoping I can help people with their decisions of what to buy.
    This is my blog:
    I hope you don't think I'm spaming, I been following your blog for a while, in fact you are in my "Blogs I follow" gadget, it dispalys your live feed, pictures and all.