Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Reviews...

Here's my thing: I'm a mother of three, married almost 20 years, working full time. When I crack open a book, I want to be entertained. When I rate and/or review a book (I don't review every book I read), that's foremost in my mind. If it's not historically accurate, I'm probably not going to sweat it unless it's totally obvious. And sometimes I'm wrong about that - like the time I looked up medevial dildos (here - see #6) and violet eyes.

So, I'm not a "tough" reviewer - if I'm entertained, I'm happy. This is the scale I use to judge the books I read:

I loved this book!
I couldn't put it down - the kids are eating cereal for dinner
and the laundry is piling up until I'm done reading.
It's going on my keeper shelf!

I really liked this book.
It was hard to put down - I'll probably whip up something quick
to feed the kids and skip the non-essential chores
so I can get back to reading.

This was a good book.
I wasn't on the edge of my seat but I wasn't bored either.
The household chores are still getting done,
but I might cut a few corners.

This book was just okay. I'm not pushing back
any household obligations to read.

I really didn't like this book/Did Not Finish
I probably made up chores to avoid continuing to read.

Seriously, that's it. I'm not looking for a book on how to cure cancer or bring about world peace.* I want to be swept away into someone else's world for a little while, and if a book can do that for me, then I'm happy.

*I'm not trying to disparage authors in any way or belittle the work it takes to write a book. I, personally, do not have the talent and I am in awe of those who do.


  1. *clapping*

    I loved your review scale, makes perfect sense to me and I can so relate!

  2. Why would you read something you don't think you're going to like just so you have a few 'not so favorable' reviews, right?! I'm totally with you on this and I have always liked your scale! :)

  3. Great way of rating. :-) Although to look at my house before the weekend you'd think I'd been reading nothing but DIK 5++++++ stars for the last several months. LOL

  4. Hee hee - Tam and I are on the same page re: reading and housekeeping!

  5. I so know what you mean- it should be as simple as this!

  6. "I want to be swept away into someone else's world for a little while, and if a book can do that for me, then I'm happy."

    I think this is a perfect description of what I look for when I read a new book. I often say reading a good book is like watching a movie for me - if I'm willing to change the channel on a crappy movie why would I be willing to continue with a book I didn't enjoy?

    Reading Amidst the Chaos

  7. I love your review legend/scale thing! Fantastic!

  8. Outlandish Julie: Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

    Julie: Yes, I don't usually pick something I don't think I'll like, although sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised :)

    Tam: Yes, my house currently looks like I've had lots of 5-star reads too.

    Chris: Put Chaos and May to work, lol :)

    Dana: Yes, books are my mini-vacation :)

    Blodeuedd: Thanks!

    Natasha: Thanks!

    Hannah: Heh. You've seen my house, you know it's true :)

    Kris: Thanks :)

  9. Susi: Sometimes I forget how it should be...I needed to give myself a reminder :)

  10. That's what my commenting system i like aswell.

    It does mean that sometimes my reviews don't seem consistent, for example a twilight book (yes, im a fan) might get more stars than a classic, but only because it captured my attention more. That's what im after when I read as well.